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Hi guys in this video I'm going to show you how to fill black soul gems in skyrim. So the first thing… [..]
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Weapons in skyim have a base damage rating. The higher this number is, the more damage it will do. Armour… [..]
Every once in a while, we are graced with a game that is truly an experience, a journey so vast that… [..]
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Hey, everybody! it's me and Lydia again, trying to show you a great little opportunity as to where… [..]
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What's good. It's Fevir. Today we're going to be briefly be going over the files of the month..… [..]
Hi guys in this video I'm going to show you how you can get this house in Riften. So to begin with,… [..]
What's good. It's Fevir. Today I'm going to bring to you a list of the best.. or rather my… [..]
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Hey, everybody, this is Beau again, and we're going to do a little something cool today. We're… [..]
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Hey, guys, welcome back. This is a guide for how to do, like, retardedly strong armor and weapons. Now,… [..]
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Hey, guys, welcome back. This is Beau. We're going to do a video today showing you guys yet again… [..]
It’s instantly empowering, to be in control of a tank and having the authenticity of a real tank. It’s… [..]
. >> Welcome back, everybody. It's time to go fast.We're going to play some Sonic Forces here… [..]
>> Hello, my friends and welcome back to PlayStation live from E3. To my left, once again, Malik. >>… [..]
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Oh, excuse me, is this seat taken? I will sit down here. So, young man, there is another bench. Why did… [..]