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Power of your character depends on the abilities a lot. Find out what skills are the best in The Division. [..]
Most of The Division players think that 60% Critical Hit Chance cap is hard and you can’t get more. But you can actually get 100% Critical Hit Chance value. This guide explains how. [..]
Faction system is a basis of PvP. A player chooses the side and can fight against representatives of other side. Find out how to join and change faction in Blade and Soul. [..]
If you wish to play with friends in Star Citizen you have to connect to the same instance! Find out how to do it and what difficulties you may face with. [..]
Find out how to add and remove friends in Star Citizen. In depth description of using Contacts list. [..]
Keyboard controls in Star Citizen are rather complicated. A new player will have to spend some time learning the keys before diving deep into the game. [..]
There are two options for landing spacecraft in Star Citizen: automated and manual. Read the guide to find out how to land properly using both modes. [..]
The best Tank build in The Division relies on Stamina a lot. Find out what attributes, Skills and Talents every Tank must have. [..]
Here is a list of all the emotes you can use in Star Citizen. They allow you to communicate with other players. [..]
Many players ask How to Take off in Star Citizen? This tutorial will explain everything. You will find out how to start flight and change speed of the spacecraft. [..]
Item Sets are consist of very powerful equipment. Read this guide to find out how to get the best Gear Sets in The Division. [..]
Incursions are new ultra-difficult missions in The Division. It’s one of the best ways to get new set pieces and other great rewards. Find out how to beat these missions. [..]
Midas is one of the best weapons in The Division. It deals great damage and heals player. This review explains why it is great for tanks and where to get this amazing gun. [..]
Star Citizen Referral Program allows you to receive great rewards for inviting new players to RSI. Use this chance to get a lot of great stuff from developers. [..]
Arena Commander is dogfighting and flight simulation module that allows player to fight against each other using their spacecrafts and explore open space. [..]
Star Citizen is a new space trading and contest simulator video game. It consists of different modules and is in development. Read this article to find out more. [..]
Star Citizen download link can be found in your account after you sign up and choose game package. At least 50 GB of free space required in order to avoid installation errors. [..]
Star Citizen is a mix of MMO and RPG Sci-Fi game. You can travel in space, fight against other players and trade. You choose how to live. [..]
This guide explains how to unlock new weapon skins in The Division. You can buy them or loot from bosses. They will help you to customize appearance of your weapons. [..]
Your objective after you reach max level in The Division is clear: you need to find the best possible weapon to maximize your damage output. This guide will explain how to do it. [..]

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