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Recalibration Station allows to re-roll gear stats in The Division. Find out how to change Attributes and Extra Bonuses on your gear fast. [..]
Liberator is one of the coolest named weapons in The Division. It comes with 3 great talents: Competent, Dominant and Talented. These talents make this weapon great if you rely on skills a lot. [..]
Vector 45 ACP is one of the best SMGs in The Division. Find out where to get this gun, where to get blueprint for crafting and what materials you will need. [..]
Challenge Mode is an extra difficulty level in The Division. It’s your main source of Phoenix Credits. Find out how to beat these missions and what benefits you will receive for completing them. [..]
You can have up to 4 different characters in The Division. What for? The most important reasons are: for farming Phoenix Credits faster, for increasing size of your backpacks and for having fun as solo… [..]
This guide will tell you where to get the best blueprints for crafting in The Division. You will find out difference between level 30 and level 31 recipes. [..]
The Division is all about getting better weapons and gear. When you have reached max level your primary goal is to collect all the best items in the game to become as strong as possible. This guide will… [..]
This guide will tell you about best build for playing The Division solo. You will find out what weapons, skills and talents to use and what attributes to pay attention to for dominating alone. [..]
This Blade and Soul Assassin stealth build will give you opportunity to stay hidden almost permanently attacking enemies without being detected. Find out how to distribute skill points to gain more Focus. [..]
Phoenix Credits is one of main currencies in the Division. This currency is for the end-game and can be obtained and spent after player reaches 30th level. Find out how to farm and spend them. [..]
The Division has large game map. The deeper you explore it the farther you will have to go from your Base of Operations. That’s why knowing how to fast travel is very important. [..]
It’s great to play in a team, but being solo rogue is much more interesting. Find out what weapon to equip, what skills to use and how to cheat other players in Dark Zone. [..]
There is no best class in Blade and Soul. All are great for certain roles. All have potential for dominating but in different situations. [..]
Security Wing is one of 3 wings in Base of Operations in The Division. It allows to receive access to new skills, skill mods and perks. Find out how to put it online, upgrade it and how to receive Security… [..]
Every character has 3 main attributes that affect his power: Firearms, Stamina and Electronics. You can increase them using several different ways. [..]
Classic M1A Marksman is the best Sniper Rifle in The Division that you can loot. It has great Rate of Fire and damage. Classic M44 Carbine can be good alternative to this weapon. [..]
Tech Wing is one of 3 wings in Base of Operations in The Division. Find out how to activate and upgrade it and how to get Tech Supplies. [..]
There are 4 types of food in the Division: Canned Food, Energy Bars, Water and Soda. All of them have different purposes and effects. [..]
This guide tells about grenades in the Division Find out how to throw them and about how to increase inventory space for carrying more consumables and ammo. [..]
This guide will tell you everything about Auction House in Blade and Soul. You will find out about listing limits and trading rules. [..]

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