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Merry Potters is one of crafting professions in Blade and Soul. It is very important because it provides items for other crafters. It has very good gold farming potential. [..]
Radiant Ring is one of crafting professions in Blade and Soul. It’s also called jewelry or jewel crafting. Many players consider it as the best profession for farming gold. [..]
Forgekeepers is one of crafting professions in Blade and Soul. It is similar to blacksmithing in other MMO games. It allows to create different weapons and repair tools. [..]
Acquired Taste is one of the crafting professions in Blade and Soul. Sometimes it’s called “cooking”. It’s possible to earn some gold with this profession. [..]
Silver Cauldron is one of crafting professions in Blade and Soul. You can create healing potions for own use or sell them to make some gold. [..]
The Earthseers is one of crafting professions in Blade and Soul. Find out about benefits of being a member of this guild and about how to make some gold there. [..]
Playing Solo in Agario is difficult and challenging task. But it’s more interesting than playing in a team. This guide will help you to survive if you wish to play alone. [..]
You can create a funny Agario nickname using icons and symbols. This guide will tell you how. [..]
Crafting is Blade and Soul allows make different items. This guide will tell you how to gather resources, produce items, level professions and will give you some tips. [..]
There are several game modes in Agario and Team Mode is one of them. Find out how to play in this mode and what tricks to use. [..]
Blade and Soul was launched in Asia four years ago and now it is finally ready for European audience. This article tells about what the game is and what to expect from it. [..]
Blade and Soul is an MMO game about Chinese martial arts. Here you can find all the guides, tips and other information about it. [..]
When you shot an enemy you always see damage numbers. But they can be colored with different colors. This article reveals meaning of every color in damage meter. [..]
Dark Zone Funds are used for purchasing amazing items from special vendors in The Division. Find out how to earn and where to spend them. [..]
Dark Zone is a huge PvP location in The Division. It’s a dangerous place and you must be prepared to resist attacks. This guide will tell you how to survive there. [..]
Dark Zone Rank is a part of progression system in the Division. This guide will tell you about this PvP scale. You will understand what for it is required, how to gain and lose this XP and how to benefit… [..]
Leveling in The Division is pretty simple. All the things you do give you experience. But there are several ways to increase leveling speed. [..]
Medical Wing is one of 3 wings in Base of Operations in The Division. Find out how to activate and upgrade it and how to get Medical Supplies. [..]
Containers store valuable loot in The Division. They can be found in Dark Zone. But some of them require Access Keys for opening. [..]
The best gear in The Division can be purchased from Dark Zone Vendors! Find out what’s so unique about them and where to get DZ Credits. [..]

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