100 Boost Class Trials

By: World of Warcraft

Welcome to the World of Warcraft feature overview for the new class trial system. In this video we will show you how you can preview a new class at level 100 before using a character boost. Once you have purchased the Legion expansion you will have a new option at the character creation screen to begin a class trial. Selecting this option will allow you to test out any class you want at level 100. and if you like it you can then use a character boost to keep it. When you first log into a trial character you will find yourself on an airship headed for the Broken Isles in a new tutorial experience for that character.

This tutorial will teach you some of the basics of how to play it by walking you step by step through one of its specializations. Or if you prefer you can skip this tutorial by using the griffin or windrider located at the rear of the airship Once you have left the airship you will be able to freely change specializations play through the Broken Shore and complete the quest chain to select and recover your artifact weapon. After you have collected your artifact or after several hours of playtime you will be automatically logged out and the trial character will be locked. You can unlock it by applying a character boost. Or, if you prefer you can start another trial on a different class. The new class trial system is a great way to get some hands-on experience with how a class plays at level 100.

For more information on class trials or the updated boost tutorial check out our website at worldofwarcraft.com Thanks for watching and we will see you on the Broken Isles.

100 Boost Class Trials

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