5 Hearthstone Cards That Don't Exist in World of Warcraft

By: Hearthstone Curios

Generally Hearthstone cards are usually based on or drawn from the Warcraft universe. For example a lot of the heroes come from Warcraft 3 or World of Warcraft storylines, and the adventures are based on WOW raids. This is pretty cool since it allows for both games to sort of cross-advertise for each other, and makes Hearthstone pretty cool flavorwise for people who were or still are a fan of the Warcraft games or World of Warcraft. Still it’s definitely cool for games to have their own unique storylines as well, and so it’s awesome that Hearthstone has started moving towards having some original storylines. That’s why today we thought we would go over some of the unique characters in Hearthstone that don’t come directly from the WOW universe, but are unique to Hearthstone’s story.

Let’s get to it! Kazakus First up it’s Kazakus! Kazakus is a troll from the Zandalar tribe, and the leader of the Kabal, one of the three major crime families in Mean Streets of Gadgetzan. A lot about the true origins of Kazakus are unknown, although there are rumors that he is a dragon in disguise. Regardless, Kazakus is the prime source of “corrupted mana potions” for sale in the Mean Streets, as he believes that anyone should be allowed to have power, as long as it's at a price.

Kazakus’ tusks are warped because of all the corrupted mana he uses, and no one knows where the portal on his torso leads too, although many think it’s another dimension entirely. Whatever the case, this master alchemist is an awesome original character for the hearthstone universe, and a super strong card as well. Patches the Pirate Next up it’s Patches the Pirate! Patches is a member of the observer race, also known as floating eyes, which are essentially giant floating heads with tentacles, giant mouths with sharp teeth, and lots of eyes. Patches is the first observer pirate we’ve seen in any Warcraft game so far, and the joke seems to be that other pirates are jealous of him because he gets to have more eyepatches. Beyond that we don’t know a ton about Patches history, but we do know that he’s an awesome card and a great character! Inkmaster Solia Up next it’s Inkmaster Solia! Solia is a blood elf and a powerful member in the Kabal faction in the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan. Solia is a tattoo artist and has made all the tattoos currently on members of the Kabal. Solia’s tattoos show a member’s devotion to the Kabal, and can be used to generate a ton of magical power.

Beyond that not a ton is known about Solia, but she does allegedly run her own tattoo business, so what more do we really need to know? Aya Blackpaw Moving on it’s Aya Blackpaw! Aya is a member of the pandaren race, and the leader of the Jade Lotus, another one of the factions in Mean Streets of Gadgetzan. Aya is also a member of the Blackpaw family, and the last heir to its massive fortune. Using this money, Aya is able to hide her shady activities behind her family’s charitable history, and she secretly issues orders to her bodyguard White Eyes, who most people think is the leader of the Jade Lotus. Aya is one of the only known characters with the ability to create Jade Golems in the lore, and it is believed she got that power by talking to a certain king coming up next on our list. Kun the Forgotten King Last but not least, let’s talk about Kun the Forgotten King! Although he is now just a spirit, Kun was originally a member of the incredibly powerful mogu race.

5 Hearthstone Cards That Don't Exist in World of Warcraft

The mogu are strong in both physical and magical aspects, and were originally created by the titans to help protect the land. Unfortunately they fell prey to a curse created by the Old Gods, and became ruthless monsters that have fought with the pandaren for a very long time. Kun himself was likely a ruler of the mogu at some point in the past, and currently his ghost has helped Aya Blackpaw be able to summon Jade Golems. Kun also looks almost exactly like Norushen, a titanic watcher created to guard the heart of Y’Shaarj.

Those are some of the cards with lore unique to Hearthstone, are you guys a fan of Hearthstone having its own lore? Let us know in the comments! And it looks like that's gonna be it from me, if you enjoyed the video drop a like, subscribe if you want, thanks for watching, and I'll see you guys next time!.

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