5 Reasons Why NOT To Visit Prague Castle

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Prague Castle. Everyones telling you to go there. Well, Im gonna tell you not to go there.

Here are 5 reasons why not to visit Prague Castle. Number one is this massive queue. Youre gonna have to wait in this just to get into the castle. And its only the security check! Once you wait the line to get into the castle, there is another line if you wanna buy the tickets If you wanna see that cathedral from the inside, its a minimum of 11 Euros per person. If you wanna see more than the cathedral and also get an audio guide, get 30 Euros ready per person. It ridiculous. You know, why this railing is here? So tourists can stretch.

Another reason why to avoid Prague Castle is, that it is a tourist trap Like this exchange place. See, people think, they are getting this much for their Euro, but they are actually getting this much for their Euro. 18 Crowns for one Euro? That is a rip off! Okay. This is the most expensive water Ive seen in my life. That half-liter water bottle, is one hundred Crowns. Thats 4 Euros.

For this. Im not joking. You see that? This beer, .3 in a can, is 100 Crowns. Pro tip #22 If there is four of you, and you decide to have a beer, itll be cheaper to get a taxi into downtown, and to go to a regular pub and get a proper beer, then to buy for small beers in a can here. And on top of all this, our president that lives here on the castle, looks like this Yuck! So those were the five reasons why not to visit Prague Castle. But dont you worry, were gonna show you a much better place here in Prague, that you should definitely visit.

5 Reasons Why NOT To Visit Prague Castle

Prague Castle, and this is Vyšehrad much, much better place for you to go to. To get here either take the red metro to station "Vyšehrad", then walk down, or the tram number 3 or 17 to station "Výtoň." Then you have to walk up. The basilica here on Vyšehrad is beautiful. And to get in, its 5 times cheaper than at the Prague Castle. And the restaurants at Vyšehrad are half the price! Also, the benefit of Vyšehrad is that there are no tourists. We actually did the head count and there is fourteen. Oh, fifteen, sixteen.

If you decide to go to Vyšehrad, why dont you grab some beers or some food in the city, some snacks, and then you can just chill here in the gardens and eat it. Locals do that as well. Vyšehrad have some of the most beautiful hidden treasures of Prague.

If youre into expensive overprice stuff, tourist traps, and crowds and crowds of hundreds of thousands of tourists, thats your place, right there - Prague Castle. But if youre into like beautiful place where theres just chill, Vyšehrad. More of my favourite places here at Vyšehrad, is this little pub Na Hradbách. For the price of one small beer in a can at Prague Castle, you can get three proper large beers here at Vyšehrad. Prague Castle sucks, Vyšehrad rocks! Vyšehrad and especially this place, this beer garden has everything, you need: cheep beer, good food, view, epic view and oh my God I just love it here So guys, make sure to visit, subscribe to our show, thanks for watching and here is a Czech word: If youre looking for a beer garden or a garden next to restaurant, the word youre looking for is "zahrádka" Čau. Ahoj Subtitles by Creeperman007 Hey guys, were trying to be honest with you.

Thats why we told you not to go to Prague Castle, today. Even though we love it. Its beautiful. Its amazing. So of course, come here, but do it like later in the evening. And try to avoid the stuff we showed you.


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