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But There’s one they feared In their tongue is ‘Dovahkiin’ Dragonborn! Fus Ro Dah! Hello proud gamers around the country This is Gamp, your game storyteller. Now there is one game, released back in 2011 swept all the prizes and GOTYs that year and put itself to the ranks of the legend The fifth game of The Elder Scrolls series, Skyrim. Recently it was remastered in name ‘Special Edition,’ Attracting the attention once again, And today we are going to tell you things That will help you enjoy Skyrim hundred, thousand times more; The must-know knowledge about The world of The Elder Scrolls series. The basic knowledge about The Elder Scrolls universe In this vast, endless universe there was a realm called Aetherius and there lived deities called Et’Ada.

One day, they decided to build another realm for living things. However many Et’Ada abandoned this arduous job and only eight Et’Ada continued with the creation of the realm for the mortals, which we now know as Mundus. In the center of this realm, lies a planet called Nirn, And the biggest among the numerous continents in Nirn is Tamriel, the main background of The Elder Scrolls series. These eight gods that created Mundus Each became satellites and planets which orbit around Nirn and the mortals called these eight gods ‘Aedra’, which means ‘our ancestors.’ and worshiped them as ‘the Eight Divines’ that protect Nirn.

To those who did not participated in the creation of Mundus was given the name ‘Daedra’ meaning that they are ‘not our ancestors.’ And the strongest 17 among them, like Mehrunes Dagon, Molag Bal, Azura, Nocturnal and else, were called ‘Daedric Princes’, the lords among Daedra. They live in a realm called Oblivion, lying between Aetherius and Mundus, and time by time, they show interest and interfere with the mortal world, For the reason, they are known to the realm of the mortals as beings to be worshiped, or beings to be feared. The History of Skyrim The Elder Scrolls series has depicted different parts of Tamriel, in each title. The Elder Scrolls series has depicted different parts of Tamriel, in each title. The first title, Arena, took place in the whole Tamriel, Daggerfall, the second of the series, took place in hammerfell and High Rock area, Morrowind, the third, in Vvardenfell, an island in Morrowind region, Oblivion, the fourth, in Cyrodill, the central region, And the Skyrim, the fifth title and today’s topic Takes place in the cold nordic land of Skyrim. Here once lived Snow Elves, who adapted to the freezing environment And Dwemers, resembling dwarves of other fantasy universes. In the north of Tamriel, lied a continent named Atmora, where ice age and internal conflict never ceased. Finding refuge from this agony, group of people sailed south to Skyrim, and they are Nords, the mankind in Skyrim.

At first, Snow Elves welcomed these immigrants and established friendly relationship with them. But as time passed, they began to fear the Nords, whose population grew rapidly, and their influence within Skyrim as well. In the end, Snow Elves betrayed the Nords, massacred them in their cities, and expelled them all from Skyrim. At that time, a great Nord named Ysgramor retunred to Skyrim with his 500 warriors, fought fiercely with Snow Elves, and took back the control of the region. Snow Elves, being helplessly pushed back, had to beg for the help of the Dwemers, who have been progressing their technology without showing any interest to the conflict. What Dwemers chose to do, however, was to take advantage of situation, and they enslaved the Snow Elves by having them eat the poison that takes their sight away and deteriorates their mental capacity. Influence of the medicine and long slavery turned Snow Elves into beastly beings called Falmers. Some Snow Elves revolted against the cruel abuse of Dwemers, But one day, all Dwemers suddenly disappeared like a maigc for a reason never unveiled, and Falmers were left locked under the Dwemer Ruins, continuing their miserable life until now.

A Guide to Elderscroll Skyrim (Eng Sub in CC) [GAMP's Game Story]

Nords benefited the most from the series of happening, and they could spread throughout Skyrim with no one bothering them. Skyrim was divided into 9 Holds, big cities like Markarth, Solitude, Whiterun, Windhelm and etc. being capital of each Hold. Nords flourished in it. Each Hold was governed by a Jarl. (who could be easily distinguished by arrogant sitting posture) They occasionally held a meeting called Moot, (who could be easily distinguished by arrogant sitting posture) In which they selected the High King, the lord of Skyrim who represents all Holds, and thus establishing feudal system of their own. Talos and White-Gold Concordat And now we will discuss the man who couldn’t be counted out discussing the history of Skyrim; Talos. His birthplace or origin was never verified for sure, Bbut it is certain that he grew up in Skyrim.

One day, he heard a prophecy from the Greybeards, a group of sages who trained him. "You are destined to rule Tamriel, hence head south and face your fate!" After a long conquest that continued for 44 years, Talos eventually unified the whole Tamriel under his rule And rose to the throne in name Tiber Septim This incredible achievement of Talos impressed even the Eight Divines, and he was ascended to be the ninth deity of Mundus. And the Eight Divine, now with Talos being one of them, became the Nine Divine. The people of the empire worshipped him as the god of Talos faith And especially, the Nords who thought Talos as their ancestor and root were eager to worship him, and had pride and respect to him more than any other regions of the continent. However, there were those who didn’t like the situation. They werethe people living in Aldmeri Dominion located at southeastern region of Tamriel. The dominion, ruled by a dictatorial party named Thalmor grew its military power to fight the empire in secret for a long time, and when the empire was weakened as a result of Daedric invasion and internal conficts, they revolted against it. Thalmor was at advantage in the beginning of the war, and it even succeeded in occupation of the capital, the Imperial City.

The empire had to go through a fierce battle that continued for five days to take their capital back. The war continued for five long years, time which costed so many things for both Thalmor and the empire. The leaders of both sides had no choice but to discuss truce. And here Thalmor brought up with a condition that gravely hurt the imperial pride, they requested for the prohibition of Talos faith. They were saying, ‘I cannot accept that Tal- something as a god, nor I can accept you people believing in him.’ However, to its humiliation, the empire accepted this condition, for the wound of the war being so great.

And this agreement was the White-Gold Concordat between the Aldmeri Dominion and the empire. Civil War and Division in Skyrim When the Nords heard the news, they became furious. Let’s bring an allegory for the ease of understanding. Let’s say that Admiral Yi Sun-sin, the national hero who saved Korea from the Japanese invasion in 1592, Was approved of his accomplishment and ascended to be a god, and faith in him spread wide throughout the country.

And one day, Japan comes and insist that the Koreans don’t believe in the faith any more. Now how much would the Koreans be angry and furious when such thing happens? And now you will know how the Nords would have felt. Angry voice of the Nords got Stronger within Skyrim, and the imperial control got weaker and weaker. This was how things were like when Ulfric Stormcloak appeared, crying for the separation of Skyrim. “Talos is our god, our ancestor! We must liberate Skyrim from the empire which made a humiliating pact, and expel Thalmor!” Ulfric, with such claim, gathered rebel named Stormcloak, and killed Torygg, the High King of Skyrim. And Skyrim was divided into east and west, each controlled by Stormcloak and the empire, and entered into a civil war. But at the beginning of the war, general Talius of empire successfully captures Ulfric Stormcloak with brilliant tactic. At the moment, there was a person who was captured with him by being mistaken for Ulfic, And this is the Dragonborn, the protagonist of the game that you control.

Thus the game begins, from the scene of you and Ulfric Stormcloak being transported to Helgen for the execution. Dovahkiin, the Last Dragonborn. However, the bigger trouble lied elsewhere. Ages ago, every living creature in Tamriel was ruled by dragons, these powerful beings. When people rose against their brutal tyranny, the Dragon War occurred. It was nearly impossible to defeat the dragons, shouting out fearful Dragon Shouts. But, there was one they feared! The dragonborn, those who were born with the soul of dragon, wielding powerful Dragon Shout at will, and getting knowledge and power of dragon by absorbing its dead soul. With their remarkable activity, dragons could be extinguished from Tamriel, and the continent at last was free from dragons’ oppression.

However, unlike the belief of the most people that dragons are extinct, Alduin, the firstborn and the most powerful among them, returns to Tamriel after centuries of time, and with him returned dragons all over the Skyrim, bringing horror to the whole world. In this time of terror, the Last Dragonborn appears for the first time in centuries! It is you, the player, and thus story of Skyrim begins. And now you are ready To fully enjoy The Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim. All the details and background I couldn’t tell today Will be revealed through books and dialogs in game, So I strongly recommend you that you never miss the game itself.

And if there is any other background stories of other games, Please make request through comments. And I will return next week with ‘Skyrim Storyline in one video,’ This was Gamp, your game storyteller, and thank you for listening.

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