Daily Quests in Agario

By: Admin

Daily quests in Agario is a new way of activity a player can participate in on regular basis for rewards. When you log into your account the game will offer you a challenge. After you accept and complete it you will be rewarded with a random prize. It’s a very good way of getting extra rewards for every player.

Please note: You must be logged in if you wish to benefit from this great opportunity. A guest player can’t accept any quests. Only registered member can take them.

Agario Daily quests


After you accept the quest you will be offered to meet certain requirement in order to complete it. The progress counter is displayed in the bottom part of the screen when you play. This counter shows either your progress or your current goal. Usually the game offers you to do one of the following tasks:

  • Reach certain amount of mass in certain type of game. For example reach 1000 mass in Free for all mode.
  • Reach certain rank in leaderboard. For example reach 35th rank in leaderboard in Free for all.

After you meet the requirement the ques will be completed. The reward will be given to you after you die.

Note: you don’t need to die right after you meet the requirement in order to save progress. The goal is complete one you hit it! You may then drop below the requirement and still earn reward. Thus if you complete the quest continue playing as usually and the reward will be paid after you die.


The rewards are paid every time you are eaten after hitting the goal. A popup screen will appear telling that you have earned a chest and you can open it. You will get something sweet: experience, coins, mass booster or experience booster.


Once the quest is complete you will be offered to wait several hours to take the next one for free. The good news is that you can buy new quests for Coins. This is a perfect opportunity if you don’t want to wait and want to play now.

Every time you purchase a new quest the price grows. The first one will cost you 40 coins while the second one 90 coins. As you see purchasing is not the best way of getting new challenges.


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