Agario Free Coins Guide

By: Admin

Coins in Agario play very important role. They allow to purchase different items and boosts in special shop. If you have enough currency you can buy extra skins, experience boosts and mass boosts. These things are very useful because they allow to progress faster.

  • Skins allow to change appearance of your cell. For example Evil skin will cost you 8650 gold. You will look like a real PRO with this skin. There are many other pictures and all of them cost gold.
  • Experience boosts allow to earn more experience after your cell dies. This booster is amazing for levelling purposes. If you want to buy 3x boost for one hour you will have to pay 490.
  • Mass boosts allow to start with larger mass and thus progress faster. Large cell in the beginning allows to become big without eating thousands of pellets. 3x boost will cost 490.

As you see coins are very useful and can make your gameplay easier and more interesting. There are 2 main ways of getting gold: you can purchase it for real money or to get some for free. Free offers are available every day.

How to climb Free Offers?

Log in with your Facebook account and click “Free Coins”. A new window will appear and you will see 3 different types of offers:

  • 20 coins every hour. Click this button and you will get 20 gold right after this. After this a counter will start and you will not be allowed to press this button for 60 minutes. This promotion can be used once every hour. Come back in an hour and get 20 more. If you really want to benefit from this offer you will have to visit Agario website again and again every hour. Thus you can earn 160 – 200 gold a day, but this takes time. This way is one of the best because it works regularly.
  • Gold for watching videos – all you need to earn currency is to watch special advertisement. Pay attention: this offer is not for all regions. Sometimes there may not be available videos for your region. Sometimes you will have troubles with connection.
  • Extra offers – this section contains extra offers. For example you need to download something to your smartphone or start playing certain game. After you meet the requirements certain amount of coins will be deposited to your account. In general this type of offers is rather useless. You can use them only once.

All these offers are good and must be used together. Unfortunately there are no other ways of getting currency for free. If you want to have descent income you will have to spend time visiting Agario site, climbing regular offers and watching advertisement videos.

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