By: GameOnBrad

Hello everyone and welcome back, I'm Brad and this is World of Warcraft Legion. Actually... Shadows of Argus and we're in the encampment where Illidan.

And I am specifically on the Antoran Wastes because Bristlemaw is up And Bristlemaw has 1150 order hall resources if I kill him. So, I want those order hall resources! And also while we're here Vrax'thul is also up and he has two Army of Light reputation tokens. Even though my hunter is max level for Army of Light, I can give those to another character and help them out with... their rep. Illidan: "The burning fiend terrorizes our allies at the pits.

Extinguish the threat at once" A whole bunch of people just killed him. Ok, Bristlemaw is backup and here we go! Illidan: "Another foe reduced to ashes" Now we go after Vrax'thul. Oh, wait. Is someone fighting him? Yes, they're fighting him, I'm gonna join in! Demon: "This is the fate you deserve" Wow, she went down fast! Ok, Vrax'thul is just below us. Turalyon: "The Army of the Light has need of you here. I know we can line you to get..." "...the job done." Alright, Vrax'thul is back up! Here we go! Turalyon: "The Army of Light is proud to call you an ally, champion!" These will all go to other characters that need the rep badly.

Turalyon: "Argus provides us no shortage of targets, another is at hand champion!" Okay, there might be tons of elites up here or so... Turalyon: "My soldiers speak of demonic brews that melt Armour and disfigure flesh find the..." "...source of this insidious alchemy and destroy it" No, they're attacking him already! Turalyon: "Inquisitors emerge from darkness and abduct our patrols. Find these captives and spare them from their fate" Turalyon: "It's good to know that during my long absence from Azeroth, our world was protected by heroes like you" Okay, let's rescue these dragoons while we're here. Oh, come on! Who's put a curse on me? I've obviously aggroed someone but I don't know who. Uh-oh. I need one more.


Turalyon: "The torment these soldiers endured. You arrived just in time" Okay, we need to destroy urgents and kill worm tongues and we kill the boss and did a world quest separate from the boss all in one area. Which is pretty sweet. Where are my minions going? These enemies ran from all the way over there.

AH! Stuck on... air! Are there anymore over here? I don't think so. I don't think the boss is up right now. Turalyon: "To think Legion Soldiers drink that swill" We've got Hadrox and Radix up! Probably the best way to get to them is to take the... ...take the teleporter. We're not gonna teleport back to the Vindicaar. We're going to teleport... between portals.

Okay, so the one world quest here is for ore. I don't have ore on me. My hunter is..

...a skinner and a leather worker. Oh! Buff! "Attacks have a chance to confuse demons". Nice! Okay, hopefully these guys are not elites.

Oh, they are. Oh boy, yep, they're all elites. I have to be careful Illidan: "Brutal Eredar have been awakened from their stasis.

Cut them down!" These guys are up a lot. Like a little bit too much, honestly. They're fun... fight! They're just up a lot. Illidan: "You brought down the brutes and cost the Legion another victory" Illidan: "Their downfall is at hand" The Army of Light was a daily. Okay, so we'll pick up our chest. Getting a lot of armor pieces. Pretty sweet! Okay, now let's head over to Mac'Aree since I like questing there.

Soul twisted monstrosity is up and vigilant Kuro. And... "Enter the Void Tear", Ihaven't done... ...that one in a while and the Antoran Infiltrator is also up.

Velen: "Champion! The light has need of you!" Somebody killed the monstrosity already! No fair! Okay, he's back up! Here we go! Velen: "The Legion cannot stand against the power of the light." Velen: "Not when it has champions like you!" Khadgar: "Gather your allies champion! A grave threat is at hand and heroes are needed!" Khadgar: "The way you took that target down reminds me of myself in my younger days" Khadgar: "my much much younger days" Alright, it looks like there is a ring I can pick up from... Grand Lector Enaara. I still need this rep so every quest counts. Alleria: "Despite our best efforts the void continues to seep in through the cracks." Alleria: "Seek out the Army of the Light and use their blessings to banish the..." Alleria: "...darkness once again" I just need one more! Alleria: "We may not be able to restore their sanity but at least we can prevent more..." Alleria: "...from succumbing" Okay, now we're going to head over to the portal and head over to the void area. Alright. Locus Walker: "My brethren have taken it upon themselves to hasten this area's fall to..." Locus Walker: "...darkness.

Disrupt their activities or ...don't. The void will have its due either way" Have to get across or get to this but... there we go! Oh, someone sapped him. There's a rogue in here.

We need one more. That portal over there should be enough. Locus Walker: "You know what they say, fool me once shame on you fool me twice..." Alright, and now we'll head over and do the Antoran Infilitrator. Easiest way to do that is to take the portal.

Okay, now we have to find the infiltrator. Velen: "Strange. Spirits have congregated to hear Kil'Jaeden speak, yet all is not as it seems" Velen: "...I sense a demonic presence. Find it amongst the crowd before it..." Velen: "...can stage an ambush" Whoa, she was not the demon. It's always a random ghost and if you're wrong they... ...teleport you away because they get so angry with you. Now die! Oh, somebody else caught him.

Velen: "Unusual tactic to be certain. The legion cannot be allowed to use these defenseless spirits for their machinations." Okay, and with that we are done! Thank you very much for watching and I will see you in the next video! If you liked this video please hit the like button and don't forget to... ...subscribe for more videos thanks for watching and I'll see you in the next video.

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