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Azeroth Armory Gorehowl Axe My name is Tony Swatton I'm a blacksmith. I make suits of armor and swords. My business is making weapons for movies videogames, TV shows, commercials Blizzard Entertainment approached me to make an axe called Gorehowl. This is the Gorehowl, these are really cool 3D renderings that show it in detail This weapon is steeped in lore from WarCraft III and this is the guy who wields it, this crazy orc... Grom Hellscream. We will never be slaves! He actually uses this blade and plunges it right into the head of Mannoroth. Which kills this demon and had a huge impact on the world.

This weapon got his name because of the sound that it makes when it swings through the air. That's orc through and through. Imagine orcs have these big massive hands. You know, they're probably... yea! I was about to say... Looking at this, I'm not going to make it solid. The scale of what we are talking about for your build here would make it 100 lbs. just for this portion. Ok. This is going to be a really fun build. -Fantastic, man.

Thank you so much. -You're welcome, thank you. This is a rendering that I am going to use as the basis for making this. We transfer the pattern of the sides of the blade onto a piece of 1/8" hot roll steel plate. I will have Bryan take the plasma cutter and cut out the shape of this field. The plasma cutter will strike an arc onto the metal and a high pressured streamed air will come through vaporizing the metal. Then I take it over to the belt grinder... ...and use a 36 grit belt to grind off all of the slag grinding directly to the profile line.

This is the outside cutting edge. To make the cutting edge of the blade I'm taking 3/16" 1075 hard carbon steel Take it out at a red heat probably about 1500-1800 ºF and bring it over to the pneumatic forging hammer and start bending it in half. Just fold it in 2 flatten it completely down I made a specific tool that fits in my fly press that will wedge it open so it looks like it's 1" thick steel when it's only 3/16". The cutting edge has been the main challenge I spent about 6 hours forming a cutting edge when I went to split it open it literally split open and you'll hear that little "tick" which means that you've developed a crack and everything is just junk on the floor.

Azeroth Armory – Gorehowl

This is... It ripped and folded in. It thinned down too much and it ripped. This is what we refer to in the business as catastrophic failure. I'm just going to make another one that meets my quality standards.

I'm going to sacrifice this paper pattern to make my oak handle here. This is a chunk about 2" thick of red oak. Took the original photocopy and glued it directly onto the work piece. The overall length of the axe is just under 4ft. Taking it to the band saw to cut it out.

And then shape it on the coarse belt on the belt grinder. My wife Karen is a great sculptor. Karen will be working on the decorative cast bronze skull on the top. and also the butt-cap for the skull crusher on the bottom. She can sculpt the pieces in a chavant oil based clay mold them in RTV silicone and then fast projective mold. You don't want to have a solid casting because the piece would weigh 60-70 lbs. for the block. So we pour the wax in there allow it to cool around the edges then we transfer that wax into a can. We put the can inside of a burn-out oven and melt the wax out of there leaving the cavity.

When we bring it out of the burn-out oven in about 900 ºF melt the bronze to about 1800 ºF in a melting furnace and pour the molten bronze into the flask and then quench it in the water revealing the solid bronze casting. And miraculously, you have a skull and a big mace butt-cap that shows up. The back of the axe is cut of a 3/16" hot rod steel and then the top of the axe is out 1/8" hot roll steel. Then it gets welded all the way around.

The spikes that are forged out under the power hammer from chromoly after heating them in the forge and then drawing them to a taper making that spike. And then hand hammering it over the horn of the anvil. After I forged the spikes, I'll chop them to length with the abrasive chop-saw. and then the spikes will be plugged all the way through the back.

So I made the cutting edge. We treated it, tempered it... -Alright, cool. and welded it.

Now razor sharpened it. So, I'm happy with this. This can go out. I still need to attach the skull from the inside.

The handle, we will put the base leather over the top and then in turn, cover that with strips of crisscrossed leather. And then, at the bottom of the leather wrapped oak handle is a copper and nickel plated butt-cap or the butt-spike We're on the final stretch here, a couple of all-nighters totally worth the effort. So when they come out from Blizzard I want to see their reaction. Are you ready? -Oh god, yes! Well, under our orc-ish fur kind of presentation... Awesome.

I'm ready! Wait for it... -Let's see it. Here we go. -Check this out. Wow. Oh my god... Holy... Look at the detail in this thing.

I cannot wait to see this thing in action. Let's go break some stuff.

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