Best combo with Nature's Prophet - Dota 2 Combo Guide #4

By: Goodboy Guides

Hello Everyone, my name is good boy, and welcome to the dota 2 hero combo guide, a great way to combo a specific hero with several other in order to maximise its effectiveness, in this case we are looking at nature's prophet... Nature's Prophet is an intelligence based hero who can play both a support and jungling role. He can summon treants that are excellent for jungling, pushing lanes, and even doing extra attrition damage to heroes that get in the way. Nature's Prophet's ultimate ability is also helpful at picking off enemy creeps and heroes, as it deals damage to random enemies throughout the map.

However, in terms of combos, nature's prophet uses his first two abilities. Teleportation allows him to travel anywhere on the map which is very effective at ganking people about the map. His first ability sprout is highly effective at trapping enemy heroes even if they have magic resistance. These two abilities together are very useful for combos. Lina is a great hero to combo with, particularly with light strike array for the stun after nature's prophet sprout is used to hold the enemy hero in place.

Using her ultimate ability and dragon slave are great for finishing off the enemy hero. Nature's prophet has teleported in, and pugna is the target. There is sprout and treants, Lina stuns and nukes, good kill! Lifestealer is superb for a combo with because he takes advantage of nature's prophet's teleport ability by using infest. With sprout and open wounds, the duo make quick work of the enemy hero.

Meepo is the target, nature's prophet teleports in, out bursts Lifestealer, then sprout and open wounds is used, and Meepo dies. Leshrac also works really well with Nature's Prophet, particularly as split earth can be used after nature's prophet uses sprout. With lightning storm for the finish, it's really easy to gank enemy heroes. Sniper is the target, and nature's prophet teleports in. He traps sniper in trees, and leshrac uses split earth to stun.

Best combo with Nature's Prophet - Dota 2 Combo Guide #4

The lightning storm to finish, GOOD KILL!!! Thanks for watching everybody, please like and subscribe to the channel.

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