Black Desert: Best Grinding Area for Silver 6mil/hour

By: Debonair

Hey what is up guys, so in this video Im going to display how I earn about 5 million silver per hour through farming. So my go-to place will always be Saunil Camp. which is located southeast of calpheon. Now what makes this so good is that when you kill a saunil warrior they drop around two to six pieces of armor fragments. And for every 100 armor fragments that you have you can exchange it at the NPC for 100,000 silver. On top of that, Saunil camp drops Talis armor, blackstones, and ancient relic crystal shards, which can go anywhere from 50,000 silver in the marketplace to around 700,000.

So with that said, aside from the grinding bit you can get a lot of money just from the drops. Now my setup here in grinding is that I already have a level 5 node investment and I just run around the area for my rotation. Now I know what you guys might be thinking sausans or pirates is a way better place to get silver. But the thing about those areas is that they are heavily contested. Whenever I go to Saunil camp I never once had to be arguing or killing another player just so that I can get the spot. Also this is a very beginner friendly place if youre around level 40 and youre just trying to get money. Having said that, the way I see this place is that it is a good stepping stone to grind until you have enough money to purchase +15 gear off the marketplace so that you can do well in the higher places like sausans or pirates. And if you guys dont believe me Ill have links in the description below to other fellow youtubers that have gotten huge amounts of silver through this area. So the purpose of this video is pretty much to just let you guys know about this awesome place and I hope you guys really do try it out because I really recommend it.

Lastly, thank you guys so much for watching.


[BLACK DESERT GUIDE ] Best Grinding Area for Silver 6mil/hour [EP.9]


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