Black Desert Online Marketplace

By: Kullr

So I'm gonna be going over the marketplace today from what I understand it's pretty simple and straightforward you know you go up to this girl or boy can't really tell anymore let's just say as an example let's buy a pair of boots you know it's a pretty hot item right now.

You go in you bid and what the fuck. Okay, let's try that again you go in your bid and I didn't place my bid but that's. Okay, that's not how bidding works but I'm sure I'm sure there's some kind of gimmick here it's counting the fuck is accounting I didn't put a number in but you know there's we got four choices here.

That's why bidding result here we go let's check it out and the items already sold. Okay, well you know what you're not going to get them all let's try it again and it's sold. Okay.

We're just going to go ahead and preorder this. This is actually a great mechanic that the game is you can just put your pre-order there and I assume that you'll get the item but who knows you know they're not and that's just for quite a while now and I so we're just going to pop a pre-order on this one too because why the hell not since we're here nope not going to though because you can only have one pre-order actually because that's fucking stupid that's fine though we're just going to go ahead and bid on everything because. This is a surefire way to get I'm getting both goddamn boots I am getting those goddamn boots so we're just going to get everything you know no chance I did pre-order this so I should have gotten one of these I feel I guess the pre-order is the dog ship as the rest of this marketplace. All right, here we bidding result this is it hail to cricket what the fuck does that mean what the hell does that mean son of a good what does that mean failed at purchasing item like we go up to somebody and you know would you get those shoes no oh what could they run out no I just couldn't wrap my head around it you know I just I bailed what the fuck does that mean and sold again amazing alright.

Black Desert Online Marketplace

So you can sell stuff too and I didn't mean to sell those though what the hell do you mean five minutes I just put them up I need those for a quest what the hell why can't I take them back. All right, I'm getting I'm getting the cat.

Don't wait for this oh. This is I feel it I feel it here we go bidding at all. All right, five minutes it's been five days you bitch what the hell let me get my gloves back 182,000 what the hell I put that up for 280. All right, you know what I'm going back to a market place I understand hey baby is what I'm talking about.

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