Black Desert Online - Two Minute Guides - Beer

By: Noarey

Hey everyone, it‘s Noarey here with another two-minute guide on Beer. Every once in a while your workers will be out of stamina and need to regenerate. The easiest way to do that is to give them some Beer. Beer can be crafted with Cooking and doesnt need a lot of expensive ingredients. To craft it you need one Sugar, two Leavening Agents and six Mineral Water, all of which can be bought from a Chef for a total of 240 silver coins. In addition you need 5 grain of any type, so you can choose betweet wheat, barley, corn, potato or sweet potato. You could gather those, but I would recommend sending a worker to get a steady supply without spending energy. Once you have everything you need to have access to a Cooking Utensil.

If you dont have one already, pick one up from a chef, too and place it in your Residence in town. When you walk up to hit hit R and put in all the ingredients for one batch, the order doesn‘t matter. If you want to craft more than once click on Continuous Production and type in the number of crafting cycles. Make sure you have at least 6 free slots in your inventory, since cooking has a chance to give you useful byproducts, you can find out more in my two minute guide on cooking.

Hit start and wait until everything is cooked. Depending on your Cooking level you can get more than one beer from one crafting cycle. Once it is finished, you need to give it to your workers. Open up the worker list, either from the menu or the map, find your exhausted worker an click Recover.

Shift Right-click on the Beer and he will consume as much as he needs to regain full stamina. You can now send him back to work immediately. It useful to craft Beer in bigger batches and always have some ready, so your workers dont have a lot of downtime.

Black Desert Online - Two Minute Guides - Beer

I always keep a small stack of Beer in my inventory. There are other Cooking recipes that recover your workers stamina, but Beer is the cheapest one by far. I guess thats all I can tell you about Beer, so gather some grain and get started. For more Black Desert Guides check out my channel, thanks for watching!.

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