Black Desert Online - Two Minute Guides - Workers

By: Noarey

Hey everyone, it‘s Noarey here with another two-minute guide on Workers In Black Desert, you don‘t need to gather all the materials required for crafting yourself, you can send out workers to do that for you. Very early in the game a quest will give you your first worker, and soon you will be able to grow a whole army of gatherers. Workers can gather resources, process them and craft them into items for you. There are even some items only your workers can craft. To get a worker you need to go to a Work Supervisor. You can find a Work Supervisor in every capital city and for five energy points and some silver he will let you choose one of his workers. If you dont like the one he shows you, you can take a look at another one for another five energy.

For each worker after the first one you need to provide lodging, which means you have to spend contribution points on special houses in cities or nodes. Each level of a lodge will increase the number of workers you can hire by one. Workers have different rarities, all the way from grey to orange. The higher a workers qualitiy, the better his stats.

Workers come in all different sizes, goblins are quicker but have lower stamina, so they need to regenerate more often, humans are well rounded, and giants have very high stamina. Workers are also bound to the city in which you bought them. Once you have a worker, you can send him to any resource node connected to his city. You can see how long it will take him to complete the task and you can choose how often you want him to repeat it.

Every trip will lower his stamina by one, and when it hits zero you will have to give him some beer to regenerate. If you dont know how to make beer, check out my two minute guide on that. While gathering resources your workers will gain experience, making them faster and stronger. Every once in a while you can send a worker off on a promotion test with a chance to upgrade its rarity, but this will reset his level and his skills. It is well worth it though. Your workers will put the gathered resources into your storage, so make sure you have some space! I guess thats all I can tell you about workers, so recruit some goblins and get started. For more Black Desert Guides check out my channel, thanks for watching!.

Black Desert Online - Two Minute Guides - Workers

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