Blade and Soul: How to Change Server?

By: Admin

When you start playing Blade and Soul you select a server where your character will live. Sometimes players wish to move to other server because of low population or because their friends play on different instance. This guide will tell you how to change server in Blade and Soul.

Existing Character

You select a server during character creation process. This step is important because right now there is no way to transfer existing character to other server. If you have started to play on the first instance you can’t switch to the second one. This choice is permanent for current character. Even those players who have VIP subscription can’t move characters. The only way to switch is to create a new hero at the other server. All you need for this is to have at least one free spot for new hero.

As you see changing a server may be a serious pain. Especially if you have leveled up and have earned a lot of gold. So pay attention to this step when you start playing BnS.

New Character

If you have not played the game before you don’t know where to select an instance. You can do it during character creation process. You will be asked where you wish your hero to be located.


On the one hand the possibility to move heroes from one instance to another is really required. You always may want to join new guild or you may find out that your friends play on different instance. That's where possibility to switch will help a lot. On the other hand almost all the content is cross-server. For example auction is not independent for each realm, all players trade on the same market.

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