Chain of Thrayn - Paladin Legendary Review #5

By: Cee Breezy

Hey guys! Today I am reviewing the legendary item Chain of Thrayn. I know there’s a lot of hype this week focused around acquiring your class mount, and I actually did a livestream run through of the quest so if you are interested in that I’ve put the link to the livestream below. It was a pretty fun questline that only took about a half hour or so, so you should definitely check it out if you haven’t gotten it already. Anyway, Chain of Thrayn is a belt piece armor and is said to be one of the best in slot items for a Retribution Paladin. We’re going to look in depth and see just how good it really is for each paladin spec. Chain of Thrayn is a waist armor piece. At item level 940, it has 468 armor, +2,362 strength (or intellect if you are Holy), +3,544 stamina, +514 critical strike, +925 haste and it’s equip bonus increases damage and healing done by Avenging Wrath.

Now just as a note, this Legendary used to be considered one of the worst before it was tweaked in an update. In the past, it’s equip bonus was: casting a non-greater blessing heals the target for 15% of maximum health. A lot of people felt this was garbage and fortunately Blizzard listened to feedback and changed it.

Here is it’s effect for each paladin spec: For Protection specs, the equip bonus reads: Avenging Wrath increases healing done by an additional 50% and increases damage done by an additional 10%. For Holy specs, the equip bonus reads: Avenging Wrath increases healing done by an additional 25% and increases damage done by an additional 10%. Retribution is: Crusade (or Avenging Wrath) increases healing done by an additional 50% and increases damage done by an additional 10%.

So right off the bat, for Protection Paladins, Chain of Thrayn is a really good legendary for both for damage and survivability purposes. The added strength to Avenging Wrath is a nice buff to your damaging attacks, but because it also increases your healing done by 85% total, Light or Hand of the Protector is greatly buffed to the point where it can heal you to close to full health each cast. Additionally if you are standing in consecration, Light/Hand of Protector’s healing is increased by an additional 30%. So, if you have Chain of Thrayn equipped, pop Avenging Wrath, lay down a consecration, and cast Light or Hand of the Protector, you’ll be healed for for, well, let’s just say most of your max health. Or, if your off tank or raid members need a big heal in a pinch, this is a great situational heal. As for Holy, Chain of Thrayn: is a pretty good legendary item.

Chain of Thrayn - Paladin Legendary Review #5

To make the most of this item when in Holy spec, you’ll want to use the Sanctified Wrath talent since it allows Avenging Wrath to last 25% longer. If you are using the Ilterendi legendary ring, synergistically the best recommended talent to have is Judgement of Light. So, I wouldn’t really recommend using Chain of Thrayn and Ilterendi together seeing as they have conflicting recommended talents. If these are the only 2 legendaries available to you, by all means use them. If you had to pick between the two talents, I think Judgement of Light is great for raiding and casting on single targets. But, Sanctified Wrath is a great all around talent as it increases the length of your Avenging Wrath and cuts the cooldown of Holy Shock in half. So, it is really up to you to decide which talent you want to use based on what type of situation you are in. Now let’s look at Retribution, since this is considered one of the better legendaries for Ret.

It works really well when combined with the Crusade talent. With the additional 10% flat damage, this is a huge buff to your DPS. Crusade increases your damage and haste by 3% for 30 seconds. For each holy power that you spend, crusade increases your damage and haste by an additional 3% with a maximum of 15 stacks. Therefore, if you do the math, that’s an additional +45% damage and haste upon those 15 stacks, and the added 10% from Chain makes that +55% damage. Combine that with a Potion of the Old War, and you have yourself a ton of burst damage. The added haste from crusade greatly increases your attack speed, and reduces your global cooldowns so you’ll be able to attack way faster.

All in all, it’s a great talent and paired with the 10% additional damage from Chain of Thrayn is an awesome buff to your overall damage while Crusade is active! So, that’s all I have to say about the Chain of Thrayn. If you guys have anything that you’d like to add, feel free to do so in the comments. Thanks for watching and if you like the video give it a thumbs up but more importantly if you like my videos feel free to subscribe to my channel to show support.

Thanks again and I’ll see you next time!.

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