Diep io Auto Fire: Mode Tips and Secrets

By: Admin

Diep io is a game where you have to attack enemies a lot. When the game was launched you had to hold LMB in order to maintain highest reload speed and fire rate. It was very tough and developers decided to implement auto attack feature. This feature allows player to keep shooting without holding LMB.

Switching On / Off

Auto fire mode can be switched on by pressing E keyboard key. You can switch this mode off by pressing this key again.

When this mode is active your tank will always be shooting with maximum reload speed. This mode is great for bursting.

Auto Fire active

Tips and Tricks

  • It’s very difficult to move forward when Auto-fire is turned on. As you know recoil affects movement speed in Diep.io a lot. That’s why we recommend not to move forward if you wish to move faster. It’s better to reverse and move backwards. This will give you maximum boost.
  • The above tip is not for all tanks! It’s only for those who have barrels on the front side (Triplet, Pentashot, Assassin and so on). If you have barrels on the back side you will benefit from auto shooting without reversing.
  • Automatic fire works great for Octo tank which has barrels on all sides. Switch on this mode and start rotating. You will be firing in all the directions around you.
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