Diepio: How to Get Triplet?

By: Admin

Diep.io is a game where the way you level your tank is very important. There are several brances for progression. If you are newbie and want to get familiar with the game fast we recommend to upgrade to select the first branch and upgrade your tank to Triplet. This tank is great not only for beginners but also for experienced players. This article will explain how to get Triplet and why this class is really good for all players.  

Here is a list of advantages and disadvantages of this branch:


  • High fire rate. The tank shots rather fast. It’s not as fast as Machine gun but attack speed is very good.
  • High fire density. Triplet has three barrels which shot all in the same direction. Such density allows Triplet to beat Overlord and Octo Tank (the most popular choices).


  • No disadvantages.

This class is really good for both beginners and  experienced players. Combination of high fire rate and density makes it very strong in PvP. If you invest several skill points into penetration you will be very dangerous opponent.

How to Get?

Getting Triplet is similar to receiving all other upgrades. You need to kill shapes and players to get experience. Once you hut 15th level select Twin upgrade. At 30th level you will be offered to upgrade to Triple Shot but I don’t upgrade because this class has lower density of fire. I recommend to stay Twin until level 45 and then upgrade to Triple Shot and Triplet. You can find out more information about progression in our Tanks Guide.

How to get triplet

Triplet class in Diepio is great because it has simple mechanics. It’s very easy to use it and it doesn’t have minions. You don’t need to care about getting minions alive (like Necromancer always has to). All you do is just shot…

The other great bonus is that you don’t need to have perfect accuracy. For example Assassin class requires player to perform accurate shots. If you are not accurate enough you will not be effective. Yes, you will be on the battlefield but you will not be helping your team. It’s much better to have Triplet because being effective with this class is very easy.

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