Diepio Fast Leveling Guide: Best Build, Tank and Tips

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Diep.io is a game where you need to level up fast in order to start dominating. If your level is low you heave weak tank and you can’t resist bigger tanks effectively. This guide will tell you about best build for fast leveling in Depio.

Note: this guide is not only about how to reach high levels as fast as possible! Your goal is to fight and defeat other players. This build is also very good for PvP. You will feel comfortable fighting against other players.

Stats (Level  1 - 15)

There are 8 different stats in the game. All of them allow you to increase certain characteristic of your machine. But you have to distribute them in proper way in order to level faster. Your primary goals are:

  • Increase your reload speed. This will allow shooting more often and thus you will be able to destroy more shapes. The faster you reload the more shapes per minute you can kill. You need to max out this stat to shot as many bullets as possible.
  • Increase bullet damage. This goal is secondary. You don’t need to invest all the points into this characteristic. But you need to reach the value at which your bullet will be killing yellow square with one shot.
  • Penetration: rather important characteristic because it allows to destroy multiple objects with one bullet. If your penetration is high you can shot once and kill multiple shapes with this one shot.

Other stats are not so important in the beginning. You don’t need to focus on boosting health or health regeneration. Movement speed is also not important for this task.

This is an example of how you distribute your skill points. Reaching 15th level is not difficult so it's just an example for demonstration. 

Penetration     x   x       x
Damage      x   x   x 
Reload x   x    x   

At the 15th level you must have maximum Reload Speed, 5 points in Damage and 3 points in Penetration.

Reload speed is the key for leveling! It allows not only kill more objects but sometimes steal kills or steal when somebody is trying to kill large pentagon in the center of map.

Level  15 Promotion

Once you reach 15th level you need to make a very important decision. You will be offered to upgrade. Don’t ignore this opportunity! Select Twin tank in order to receive extra barrel. You may also select Machine Gun because of its high fire rate. Other branches are not so good for leveling fast. If you know nothing about brances read our Diepio Tanks: Full Guide

Twin tank is great because it can be upgraded to Triplet at 45th level and Triplet is one of the best tanks for PvP! It’s fire rate allows him to destroy Octo tanks and other popular machines.


Stats (Level 16 – 30)

Continue spending skill points into Bullet Damage and penetration. These skills are very useful! You may also start increasing health and HP regen in order to increase survivability. It’s also recommended to invest several points into Bullet Speed to make dodging more difficult.

Once you reach level 25 you need to move to the center of the map to farm pentagons there. Pentagons spawn there regularly and it’s a very good source for growth. You will be able to use this source only if your team controls center (in team modes).

Level 30 Promotion

Once you hit level 30 you will be offered to promote again. This time it’s recommended to ignore promotion and stay Twin! It’s a good option because if you promote you will lose fire density. I prefer to stay twin and continue farming.

Stats (Level 31 – 45)

You have a tank with high fire rate and you can focus more on making it more useful against enemies. You need to invest several points into health regen and Health. You may also want to make your bullets fly faster investing into Bullet Speed or you may increase movement speed. Everything depends on your final goal.

Level  45 Promotion

Now you can upgrade to Triplet. Select Triple Shot and then Triplet. Just make sure you don’t click ignore button! If you do it you will not be offered to promote again! Triplate is a very good choice for PvP.

How to Farm?

Now let’s talk about how to farm objects. The way you attack affects the number of objects you can kill. The best way to farm on low and mid-levels is to attack areas with multiple objects. When you see such area move your mouse from bottom to the top and then from top to bottom. It’s like drawing waves. The image below shows the example of how to attack:



  • Use your “body”! You can attack objects with your body increasing the experience you gain.
  • Don’t forget about pentagons in the center of map. They may help you to grow much faster.


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