Diep io: How to Get Necromancer?

By: Admin

Necromancer is one of high level classes in Diep io. Many players want to get this tank because it looks scary. When a newbie sees this tank on the battlefield he doesn’t understand what this thing is and what it is doing. This guide will help you to understand how to get Necromancer fast.


Here is why you may want to get this high level tank:

  • Scares all players. When someone sees Necromancer with the army of his minions he starts to move away. He looks really powerful.
  • Strength. This tank is really strong. He can deal heavy damage very fast. If you are not fast enough you will be killed within seconds.
  • Extra defense. The minions can be used like a shield to protect player from bullets. This is a very good way to stay untouched.


  • One of the main disadvantages is that he depends on the minions a lot! He is almost defenseless if he has no minions! He can’t fire bullets and that’s why when he has no minions he can’t protect himself and attack others.
  • The second disadvantage is that his movement speed is always constant. He can’t use his shots for increasing movement speed like many tanks do.

How to Get?

Now you know all the advantages and disadvantages of the class. It’s time to find out how to get this powerful tank. First of all you need to reach 15th level and select Sniper upgrade. At 30th level select Overseer and finally take your Necromancer at 45th level. Use this Tank Tree for more information about progression in Diepio.


Getting Minions

After you have taken the upgrade you need to get minions. The tank doesn’t spawn minions like Overseer. You can get minions by killing objects! That’s the only way and that’s why the tank has such name. The great thing is that you can kill a lot of objects and get large number of minions. That’s why this tank looks scary!

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