How to Move Faster in

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Movement speed is sometimes crucial in If you move fast you can catch other players and attack them with your “body”. It’s a very good strategy and if you combine it with bullets attacks you will be able to kill many enemies.

Speed is also important for avoiding attacks of high level classes. Many players ask about how to move faster in This article will explain everything.


Let’s begin with the controls. Controlling the tank is easy. All you need for this is holding special keys. The game uses traditional WASD system:

  • W – up
  • S – down
  • A – left
  • D – right

There is one thing you need to keep in mind: these directions are for the screen coordinates. If you press D you move to the right side of the screen. Direction of your barrel doesn’t matter.

Increasing Speed

There are several ways of increasing your movement speed:

  • Use recoil. As you know recoil can move your Tank. If you just stay and shot you will be moving slowly in opposite direction (backwards). You can use this trick for boosting tank speed. If you want to move fast just reverse and shot. For example if you move to the left shoot to the right.
  • Upgrade to the tanks with barrels on the back. Some of the classes have barrels on the back side which allow them to move forward faster. For example Triangle, Fighter and Booster.  They all have barrels on the back and thus they can benefit from recoil when they move forward.
  • Invest skill points into Movement Speed stat. this stat will allow you to increase speed permanently. Use this tip if you are planning to attack enemies with body. If your build is based on bullet damage you don’t need to max this stat.

Fastest Tank

Now it’s time to find out which class is the fastest. There are not so many candidates, only two. Of course Fighter and Booster are the fastest tanks because of barrels on the back. But which one of these two wins? One of Diep io players made comparison and found out that they both have equal movement speed. You may go with any of them!

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