Diep io: How to Play With Friends?

By: Admin

Diep io is multiplayer browser game meaning that everyone can join it and play for free. Some people like to have fun solo but others like to play Diep io with friends. What to do if you wish to connect to the same world and kill enemies together? Read this guide to find out.

Playing on the same instance with someone may bring you a lot of fun. First of all you may team up and start dominating. It’s much easier to survive and win if you have an ally who can help you to resist enemies. You may coordinate your actions using Skype or other program and be very effective. The second reason for teaming is that it’s much more entertaining.

So how do you connect to the same server? The answer depends on what game mode you are playing. Every Diep.io mode has its own guide for joining. Read instructions below to understand what to do.

All modes, except FFA

Connecting to the same instance in Teams, Domination and Mothership is very easy. When you switch the mode you can see address of the world you are playing in. This address is typed below “press [Tab] to switch” phrase in the top part of the screen. The address looks like diep.io/#C6D35A12BB30F3 See the image below to understand where to look for it.

Server Address

Copy this address and send it to your friend (You can’t copy-paste it, you will have to type it yourself).  Your friend must enter it into his browser and you both will appear in the same world. As you see everything is pretty simple.

Note: don’t refresh browser window after you have sent the address! You will be reconnected to the game and your address will be changed.

Joining Free For All

Connecting to the same instance in Free for All is a little bit more tricky. This mode is not for teaming. This mode is for solo play and that’s why developers decided not to allow others to see address of the server. Otherwise the mode would become almost impossible to play. But fortunately there is 100% way to appear in the same world, but this method may take time.

All you need for this is to start playing and tell your friend information from the leaderboard. This information is visible to all players who play in this world. Your friend must start refreshing client and join the game until he finds the same leaderboard. Once this is done, you may enjoy playing together.

There is one advice: the first player (you) should try to find an instance where maximum score in leaderboard is about 50k. Servers with 70k max score are old and there may be no free spots there. If the score is relatively low there may be more free spots and it may be easier to join such instance.

As you see this method will take time. It may take 10 minutes or even more before you appear in the same world. But it is worth it! Having a good ally in FFA will help ou to reach top places in leaderboard and beat current leaders.

Some of you may say that it’s unfair but I saw many players from top 5 list who have allies in FFA. The only way to beat them is to have your own small team.

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