Гайд на Дизраптора / Disruptor Guide

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Disruptor is a range character with intelligence as main attribute. Movement speed – 300, initial damage – 51. Basic characteristics: strength 19, agility 15 and intelligence 22. And only 1 point of armor on the first level. Disruptor gets +1.90 of strength, +1.40 of agility and +2.50 of intelligence for each level. We must say that all Disruptor’s stats are very average, and he is quite weak in battles on first minutes of the game.

SKILLS First skill, Thunder Strike. Several times hits enemy unit with the lighting, also damaging all the units in 240 radius. Huge damage dealt by this spell on the first lever is worth noting. In sum it takes as much as 160 hitpoint in six seconds.

Thunder Strike also makes the target visible, which makes combinations with Glimpse very effective. Magical damage. Second skill, Glimpse. This skill makes Disruptor truly unique character. Glimpse teleports the enemy hero to the point, where he was four seconds ago.

Glimpse make Disruptor an excellent ganger. Third skill, Kinetic Field. Disruptor makes a circular barrier of kinetic energy, and the enemies can’t pass through it.

Гайд на Дизраптора / Disruptor Guide

Barrier radius is 325. Ultimate, Static Storm. Disruptor makes a Static Storm, dealing damage and preventing all the heroes in it from using their abilities.

Radius is 450. Duration – 5 seconds. Can be enhanced by Aghanim's Scepter.

Aghanim's Scepter increases Ultimate time for two seconds and prevents heroes in Storm from using any items. Disruptor’s Ultimate enforced by Aghanim's is one of the strongest Ultimates in game. Magical damage. GAME ROLE Disruptor is one of the best supports in game.

He earned this proud title because of his very useful abilities, which can be used without any artifacts. Disruptor can be extremely useful even without farming. Therefore, he is a universal «storage hero» for any support-items. Whether it is Force Staff, Glimmer Cape, Urn of Shadows, Mekansm or whatever else. Disruptor looks much worse on other roles. Of course, there is an opportunity of using him as a midder, – in this case you should buy him a srong artifact set, Eul and Aghanim's, which will allow you to turn any enemy with any items into big and useless creep. But the fact that Disruptor deals quite a little damage with his spells, doesn’t have AOE or mobility, makes his not the best mid-character.

RELEVANCE Before clicking on Disruptor, let’s try to sort out: do we actually need this character? Disruptor is one of the best support characters in game for active and aggressive actions in the beginning and in the middle of the game. So try to use Disruptor when your team is going to play aggressive. Disruptor is extremely good versus any blinkers or mobile heroes. You can counter them using the combination of Glimpse, Kinetic Field and Static Storm. Disruptor is also quite good in constant 5v5 fights. His Ultimate works just great in this case. But Disruptor also has his weak points.

First one is late-oriented games, when there are no fights in the beginning and in the middle, and the game lasts for a long time. The longer the game, the weaker Disruptor becomes. All Disruptor’s skills become useless versus BKB. The more BKBs the enemy has, the less useful Disruptor is.

Everything changes, when Disruptor buys Aghanim's – but that’s not guaranteed. If the enemy will use BKB before they’ll get into Disruptor’s Ultimate with Aghanim's, they will still be invulnerable for him. Plus sometimes you can have problems with getting Aghanim's. Another not the strongest point of Disruptor is a 3v3 line. For such a line he is quite a weak character, who concedes many analogues. Disruptor is also very weak versus fast pushes. If the enemy starts picking heroes like Chen, Undying, Pugna and other like that, think thrice before picking Disruptor – he is almost useless versus pushes. LEVELING SKILLS UP There are different variants in leveling Disruptor up.

But I would recommend you do it this way… Take Thunder Strike on the first level. Glimpse on second and third. Kinetic Field on forth. Finish with Glimpse after it. Then Kinetic Field, and only after everything finish with Thunder Strike. Of course, you shouldn’t forget about Ultimate on 6th, 11th and 16th levels. Glimpse should be in favor, because its power depends on its level.

Many try to play using Thunder Strike as their first skill, but it makes no sense. If you want to have a hero with good damage, there are ones better than Disruptor. Disruptor’s main strength is Glimpse.

And it’s only worth taking him, when you are going to use Glimpse on 100%. PURCHASE Let’s go shopping. First buy: Tango, Flask, two Clarities, twig, chicken and Ward. First of all try to get yourself a boot. After that I recommend you getting Magic Wand and Urn. People often buy Arcane Boots for Disruptor, but I recommend you doing it only if you are going to buy Guardian Greaves after it. In other case Disruptor won’t need so much mana.

Next item is Force Staff. Disruptor can use some mobility, and Force Staff is a very useful support-item, that can be used in any situation. After that we’ve got a lot of options. If the game drags and there is a time to farm, start thinking about Aghanim's. But if the game goes really fast, I would postpone Aghanim's purchase and focus on cheaper items, which can help us and our team. If we bought Arcane Boots before, we can think about Meta and Guardian Greaves. We can also pick Glimmer Cape.

This item is almost as multipurpose as Force Staff. If the enemy has heroes with large physical damage, it is worth buying Ghost Scepter – otherwise we can die in the fights too fast. Another good item is Lotus Orb. You can take it almost all the time – it is especially effective versus strong point skills and Hexes, which can be removed from allies with its help. After we bought the most necessary items, we come back to Aghanim's. And I would recommend you buying Eul’s as well. Combination of Eul’s and Aghanim's makes Disruptor a very powerful initiator. If you’ll be able to bring any enemy character to Eul’s, he won’t be able to use anything in Disruptor’s Ultimate, which allows us to kill even enemy carries.

The last item is Hex, which is good for any character in late-game. ACTIONS DURING THE GAME Disruptor is a quite good support on early stages because of big Thunder Strike damage and attack radius. But Disruptor is one of the heroes, who need experience. It is very important for Disruptor to get levels as fast, as possible.

So don’t just harass the enemy, but get creeps when you get the chance. Disruptor should gang only in certain situations. Glimpse and Kinetic Field make Disruptor one of the best gangers, but you should understand, that he deals too small damage when ganging. Therefore, you either need a partner to gang, or go to some hero, who will be able to deal enough damage. Disruptor is a best ganger in situation, when he joins an equal battle on the line and heroes can’t kill each other because they run away from each other.

Disruptor won’t let anyone run away. We should get sixth level by ganging and farming as soon, as possible. Once we got it, we should try using Ultimate in fights and gangs all the time. We can take couple of smokes, and it will be better to have couple of allies with you. And just go to enemy carry or midder.

It is absolutely doesn’t matter which hero is there. If you’ll be able to use Glimpse, Kinetic Field and Ultimate combination, he will most likely go to the tavern. The possibility of killing enemy carries on early stages makes Disruptor a very useful hero.

Try to leave Wards on enemy territory every time you gang. Aggressive Wards in enemy forest and by the towers increases Disruptor’s efficiency. The possibility of getting an enemy to Glimpse increases. Wards in forest are especially good, because usually that’s the place to find enemy carry.

When you play for Disruptor, you should always feel the time, when enemies stop dying from your spells. Especially when they get BKB. In this moment Disruptor becomes weaker and weaker in battles, and he has to farm the items to stay in game. It doesn’t mean you should run around the map and steal the money from your carries, but you have to farm the items. Otherwise you’ll become absolutely useless and going to die after enemy carry’s second hit. When enemy carries get BKB and our skills stop working on them, try to focus on enemy supports. It’s unlikely that supports will have BKB and it’s a good idea to hit their heads with good silence. Don’t be too aggressive when you’re playing for Disruptor.

All his skills has quite a big cast range, and this allows you to stay out of fights. If the fight lasts long enough and BKB stopped working, it’s your time again. One good Ultimate in the middle of the fight can turn it around. If you are still alive and your team starts winning the fight, you can use Glimpse to stop somebody running away. COMBINATIONS WITH HEROES Disruptor’s best allies are the heroes, who can kill the enemies with him. For example: Queen of Pain, Templar Assassin, Lifestealer, Night Stalker and other strong characters, who deal a lot of damage. But Disruptor’s ally number one is Naga Siren. Combination of their Ultimates is one of the strongest ones in game – especially, if Disruptor bought Aghanim's.

The most unpleasant enemies for Disruptor are the characters, who buy BKB fast enough, or the ones, who’s got congenital magic invulnerability. Lifestealer, Juggernaut and Omniknight are the worst ones. Basing on my personal experience I can add these characters: Gyrocopter, Templar Assassin, Dragon Knight, Huskar, Legion Commander and Lone Druid.

You can get maximum benefit from Disruptor if he plays versus any blinkers and mobile heroes of Dota. That means he is very good versus Queen of Pain, Puck, Storm Spirit, Anti-Mage and Slark. Several picks with Disruptor. Disruptor, Queen of Pain, Naga Siren, Visage, Clockwerk.

Disruptor, Templar Assassin, Gyrocopter, Undying, Centaur. Disruptor, Leshrac, Lifestealer, Vengeful Spirit, Batrider. TRICKS AND FEATURES Glimpse is a very effective way to get the enemy back to his position after teleportation to the tower. Use it when you push and in other situations. Glimpse kills illusions. Glimpse casted to enemy during four seconds after respawn will take him back to the place of his death.

Eul’s and Aghanim's combination is extremely strong for Disruptor, since it allows you to turn absolutely any hero with absolutely any items into fat creep. SUMMARY Disruptor is one of the strongest supports while ganging in the beginning and in the middle of the match. He shows his best together with strong and aggressive allies, who can kill the enemies after Glimpse. But Disruptor loses his usefulness as the game lasts.

So try to finish the games in mid-game, when you are playing for him. Good luck and have a good game!.

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