Dota 2 6.86 | Abaddon Jungle Guide With Commentary | 05:22 Level 6 | Iron Talon Jungling

By: BonelessDota

Hello my name is Boneless and welcome to my Abaddon jungling guide. Today I will show you a really weird and really fast way to jungle Abaddon where I do some crazy suiciding. If you want to go directly to where I jungle Abaddon on Radiant you can click on the link in the description. So let me just show you first how I do this jungling with the suicide and then afterwards I`ll talk about why I think suiciding is so good with Abaddon. By then I will do like a dual screen later in this video and compare this jungling with and without the suicide so you guys can see exactly what I mean when I say suiciding is, in fact, better than using the courier constantly to fly out all the regen you would otherwise need. So to begin with you do the choke point jungling where you cut down this tree here with your IT and then you force the creeps into a bottleneck so only one of them can hit you as a time. If you can´t kill the camp before the 1 minute mark then you should just pull the last creep allowing the new creep camp to spawn.

If you pull in this direction you can pull the last creep really late at 58 like I´m doing here for example. As you can see I skill Curse of Avernus on Level one. And my starting items are IT and Tangos. I´m gonna suicide pretty soon but why would I need Tangos. Well after many games of Abaddon jungling I learned that the tangos to begin with are really usefull so you can control exactly when and where you want to do the suicide.

So you should skill him like this so you have your Shield maxed at level 7. High level Aphotic Shield is very good in the early- to midgame. So you see right now I´m spending my mana setting up for this suicide I´m gonna do on the hard camp. So what you should do here is to buy a TP-Scroll as soon as you can afford it. And then of course you wanna buy whatever stuff you have money for right before you die. I actually do it a little bit wrong here. I should have gotten the tp-scroll first because then it is easier to calculate what other items you can get before you die.

You should aim to get these items. You cant get them all before you die but just get whatever of these items fits with the amount of gold you have left. I actually screw up the suicide a little bit here. I figured I could kill the ranged satyr and buy a Branch or a Feary Fire before I died. But I´m an idiot so I just wasted 63 gold without buying anything.

Dota 2 6.86 | Abaddon Jungle Guide With Commentary | 05:22 Level 6 | Iron Talon Jungling

But nevermind that. Im still level 3 in less than 2 minutes. I have my Ring, my Stout Shield, my tp-Scroll. So I´m happy. Here right after your suicide you should check your lanes to see if you if you should tp in to help one of your lanes right now. You do have the option. You already got some fast levels and you got a TP-Scroll.

So keep that in mind. But if you want to go back to the jungle you put on the Aphotic Shield in the base and then you TP out to whichever of the T2 towers are closest to the camp you want to farm next. If you want to farm the hard camp you tp to the mid T2 tower.

If you want to farm the Mediumcamp you TP to the top T2-tower. Remember to put on your shield in the base before you TP. Because it´s like a free shield. It saves you Mana and Mana is a ressource that´s very important to you when you jungle Abaddon. I think if this Abaddon jungling is tried out by enough people it´s gonna be rings in the water and ultimately Abaddon might become a mainstream jungle hero now.

Okay maybe that´s pushing it but in my opinion Abaddon is certainly good enough, strong enough, fast enough to be an actual jungle hero now. So if you´ve been paying close attention to my replay here you will see that I´m not jungling flawlessly at all. I´m wasting a little bit of time here and there and still I´m gonna get my level 6 at 5 minutes and 22 seconds. So this is definitely good and this can definately be done faster. In terms of items you should upgrade your Ring of Protection into Basilius and you should get some more Tangos if you need it. And also this is important. As soon as you have your base items here.

IT, Shout Shield, Basilius you should buy a Mango and a TP-Scroll as soon as possible. The idea is that you will be able to pop your Mango, TP in and Shield your ally the moment one of your team mates get towerdived or there is a gank happening close to one of your Towers. And a level 2 or level 3 Aphotic Shield is basically like a Grave in the early game.

You can TP in, remove the stun and then you can turn the gank completely. So get a TP-scroll and a Mango as soon as possible this is, I think, the big advantage of jungling Abaddon. Then after the Basilius you should get Boots of Speed and from here you can get whatever you normally prefer to get on Abaddon. You can dissemble your Bassiluis and get a Soul Ring or you can use your Bassilius to get Vladimirs Offering. Personally I really like Phaseboots Vlads into Scepter. But you can also get stuff like Guardian Greaves Force Staff.

Aether Lense works quite well with Abaddon because the cast range of Aphotic Shield is terrible and support Abaddon is all about getting that Shield off. The Scepter is really really good on Abaddon so you can just stand next to your other Core heroes making them pretty much impossible to kill. You can also make Loda Happy and go full yolo carry and get like Phase Boots, S&Y, Mjoelner Basher or something like that. My old pub build on Abaddon is actually Phase Boots Mask Of Madness Refresher Mjoelner, BKB and then like Abyssal Blade or even some Rapiers. This is really really fun to play with the two BKB´s the 2 Ultimates and and then run at people full retard with Mask of Madness. But this is of course a really bad build so in all seriousness Just get Phase Boots Vlads Scepter is a really strong build right now.

So there you have it level 6 at 5.22 and this can be done faster. I think my fastest time is like 5 minutes flat and that´s without getting the Bounty Rune. So now let me show you Abaddon jungling where you suicide compared to when you do not suicide. So here on the left you can see a replay where I jungle pretty flawlessly but I do not go for the suicide. Instead I use the courier a lot, to get the Regen I need to sustain myself. And on the right side you can see the replay you just watched where I do the tactical suicide. So you can compare them and get a sense of what I mean when I say that the suiciding really helps you out when you jungle Abaddon. Because if you don´t suicide, which is the replay here to the left, you need the courier to get your Stout Shield as well as a bunch of Regen and also you will see that I am really struggling tp uphold my HP.

And these are two things you really dont want to have happen when you´re jungling. You don´t want to use the courier constantly because obviously your midlane needs the courier especially in the first few minutes of the game. And you don´t want to be low on HP because that makes you vulnerable to incoming ganks. So the funny thing is before I though of the Suicide tactic I had this jungling guide planned out in my head where I was going to use this replay to the left. I wuld have been like; “well this is sort of good but not great, it´s like Ogre, it´s like not really strong enough to see play. But it´s still good” But then I got this idea to do the tactical suicide. And that just completely tipped the scale for me.

It solved so many problems I had with this jungling. So allow me to share my train of thought on this tactical suicide for a moment because I´m sure some of you guys are like; “Suiciding to creeps? Really? Boneless, what the hell are you doing…?” And I see where you are coming from. I mean suiciding when you are close to death to deny the enemy from getting the gold for killing you, that´s one thing, that´s pretty normal. Or even if you are way across the map and you want to get back to base faster, then you can suicide to travel faster. Also pretty normal.

But what I´m doing here with Abaddon is Suiciding to the hard camp like in every single game around level 2 or level 3. And the reason I suicide is because I believe it makes me level faster. It sounds ridiculous I know. But for some reason this just works for me. So I´ve played like 50 Abaddon lobby games both with and without suiciding and it feels like suiciding is just better and faster. So let´s examine this for a moment.

A TP-Scroll is a lot cheaper than Mango plus Tangos. You don´t need to use the courier to get your Stout Shield and all that other stuff you would otherwise need. And like I said believe the suicide on level 2 or level 3 and then TP back to the jungle will in fact increase your farming speed and this is really interesting to me because this is like a new way of thinking about jungling. So this suicide tactic is probably good on a few other heroes who also need to use the IT. Let me know in the comments if you think of a nice way you can do this suicide tactic with another Hero than Abaddon. So if I was drafting Abaddon in a game, I would look at my team’s lineup and the enemy team’s lineup and then make judgement call right then and there. Do you need Abaddon to help out in one of the lanes? Do you want to run one of these strong dual offlanes with Abaddon? And even so, do you want to jungle for the first few minutes to get your fast level 3 and then suicide and then TP to the offlane? If one of your carries is shut down completely and not getting any XP in the lane then off course you should be there to help out.

But the thing I like about Abaddon jungling is that the hero is not such a great babysitter. He is a good counter to Mirana but thats pretty much it. He is melee, he can’t really harass anybody. But to be fair when you pick Abaddon you usually put him in one these dual offlane combo lanes where Abaddon can be really good, like Abaddon Ogre has been quite populair lately.

Abaddon Weaver, Abaddon Doom is quite good. Abaddon Centaur is not that amazing actually but it´s a lot of fun. Aphotic Shield, Double Edge. Good times. Okay so Abaddon is good in these kind of combo lanes and he is usually run this way but this also means that this is what they will expect you do to.

They will see you pick Abaddon and theyl be like; “all right brace yourself guys we got Abaddon Ogre lane incoming.” So this is where you can trick them by putting your Abaddon jungle and last picking something else which is perhaps not an Ogre. So all of a sudden they have this epic defensive trilane set up specifically to deal with Ogre Abaddon and then the game starts and they´re all like. "Yo what the hell where is this Abaddon we were supposed to shut down". And then they are like sad so they begin to pull and shit and then you come out of the jungle with a really fast level 6. Because you will get your level 6 pretty fast in the jungle and level 3 and level 4 Aphotic Shield is very good in the early to midgame. Pretty much the whole reason you pick Abaddon is because of two things. One: You want to get fast levels in Aphotic Shield because the shield is a really powerful tool to have in the midgame so you can run these really aggressive ganking lineups with Night Stalker for example.

If you jungle you will become level 7 pretty fast. And two: You want Abaddon to get this Aghanims Scepter up and running so like I was talking about earlier, if you go jungle you could go IT, Phase Boots, Vlads, Scepter then you will have the Scepter at a reasonable timing. About the same timing as if you were the offlane farmer I would think. So in pub games this is gonna be a lot of fun I think. Definately good. In pro games I´m not sure if Abaddon jungle will see play.

I mean probably not but I would like to see a pro team try this out. Lately a lot of pro teams have been running a lot of offlane Abaddon, specifically to get that scepter up and running as fast as possible and Abaddon jungle is just another way to do that. So who knows. I mean it´s definately good enough to be tried out in pro games I think. Except there is one thing though. If this should grow to be a populair thing the enemy will see this message on their screen; “Abaddon has suicided to the jungle” and then they will know exactly what you are doing. They would probably realize it anyway but you know it´s a small thing you have to keep in mind. I mean if they should realize exactly what you are doing then they might pick a Bounty Hunter, who is just gonna stand right next to you and wait you for to suicide and then BOOM he lasthits you and gets firstblood.

But you know even if they should pick Bounty Hunter you just lane your Abaddon like you normally would and then you have the Aphoitic Shield to take off the Track all game. It´s not that bad. So I think this Abaddon jungling is actuially good.

This is not like Ogre jungling, this is something I could actually see working in high level games. Ogre jungling should not be run in high level games let´s be honest. It´s not fast enough and Ogre can just get more done in the lane than he can in the jungle. It´s kind of ironic, I think, that I have all off these really good jungle guides on my channel, where I jungle faster than you´ve ever seen before on heroes like Tinker KOTL Necro. Like guides I really put my heart into. And then I try out Ogre to test if Ogre could be a really good jungler now which as it turns out is not really the case. And Im like; “well all right, at least I tried it out and it´s not great but maybe people would still find this interesting so they could see for themselves how good or bad Ogre is a jungler.” So I consider my Ogre jungling guide to be maybe the weakest of all the jungle guides I´ve made and off course it´s the Ogre guide that goes crazy with like 100.000 views.

It´s just funny how things turn out. But anyway to wrap up Abaddon here I just wanna say. Abaddon jungle is doable.

It works surprisingly well. I did not expect Abaddon to be this good of a jungler honestly. And I think a lot of the reason why this works is because of the suicide.

It got this feeling that a lot of people won´t like the suicide aspect of this, and they will discard it as bad simply because suiciding in the jungle like this is not the normal thing to do. But I am hopeful. I promise you if you study this video and do exactly what I´m doing then will work for you. It´s been very consistent in all the games I´ve done it. So if you love to play Abaddon you should totally learn this so you have this option avalable to you in the back of your head. But I will stress it just one more time. If you do jungle Abaddon, you must have a TP-Scroll plus either a Mango or a Bottle as soon as your economy allows it, so you are always ready to TP in and save an ally with your shield when one of your team mates is getting towerdived.

I think the fact that you have this option to tp in and countergank is the reason that you can justify running Abaddon as a greedy jungler like this. So with Abaddon jungle you can´t really gank anything yourself which suck, so you really need a Mango so you can at least protect your other lanes in case they towerdive your team mates. So guys let me know what you think about this. Do you think Abaddon is a jungler now? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for watching and thank you all so much for your support! Cya guys!.

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