[Dota 2] A short guide on getting early Roshan as Huskar 6.84

By: HashtagVIP

Hello everybody, this is my short guide on how to get Rosh as Huskar before 12 minutes. The only item you will need is Armlet, and don't forget to buy a smoke. You do not have to do a 1-1-3 build, but I find it to be the most effective to take down Rosh early. While fighting Rosh, it's important to stand as close to the entrance as possible.

The reason being: while you stand around this area, Roshan will only attack you at MOST 4 times before walking back. Every time right before Roshan hits you, you turn ON the armlet. This will give you just right enough health to tank 4 of his attacks. The next step is very important Every time Rosh walks away from you, you turn OFF the armlet, and walk towards one of the torches. Otherwise, you might slowly moves towards Roshan without noticing.

Allowing him to hit you more than 4 times. Just keep repeating this method and very soon you will have a very early Roshan, giving your team a great advantage. Thank you everybody for watching, feel free to leave any comments or questions in the comment section below.

[Dota 2] A short guide on getting early Roshan as Huskar 6.84

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