Dota 2 Beginner's Guide: Starting Items

By: Runic Wardens

Hi guys. This is our second episode of our Dota 2 beginner's guide. This video will be about different starting items, and the scenarios that they should be bought in. The first item I'm going to show you is tangos. They can be found here. When you use a tango on a tree, you get 115 health over a period of 16 seconds.

You'll almost always buy one set of these, and when you buy one you get four tangos. Sometimes, if you think you're going to get harassed a lot, or you're in a solo lane, you might buy two sets so you get eight tangos, just to make sure you keep your heath up in lane and it is harder for you to be killed. When they're used on an enemy ward or a planted iron branch, you get double the amount of health. Next is a healing salve, which can be found here. A healing salve is very useful because it gives you 400 health over 8 seconds. This means that if you get ganked by an enemy, when they try and kill you and you manage to survive it, having healing salve can quickly give you quite a lot of health, which means you're no longer in danger.

This is also helpful because it means you then don't have to go all the way back to the fountain to get your health up and miss out on valuable gold and XP. The only negative of healing salve is if you take any damage while the effect is active, it will cancel at the point it's at, and you won't get the full amount of regen that you're meant to. A clarity is the next item. This is a mana potion, and it works just the same as a salve. So if you get hit, it will cancel. A mana potion is found here, and it restores 190 mana over 50 seconds.

This is very useful if you're playing a role where you want to throw out lots of spells which are easily spammable but you want to keep your mana up at the same time or if you have an escape and you've run out of mana and you want to get it back up over a period of time so you have the escape ready. An enchanted mango is sometimes bought in the laning stage. It can be found here. An enchanted mango is really useful because it gives you a passive 1HP regen a second when it's in your inventory.

Dota 2 Beginner's Guide: Starting Items

This can help with harass, and also if you're a hero that needs a quick burst of mana, if you have a small mana pool or you think you're going to not have enough mana to escape, it can be used quickly and it will give you 150 mana. Another good starting item is faerie fires, which can be found here. Faerie fires give you a passive 2 damage, which means it makes last hitting that slight bit easier. But their main use is if you get attacked and you think you're about to die, but almost near safety, they can be quickly consumed to give you a quick burst of 75 health, which sometimes can be the different between life and death. A quelling blade is an item that gives you bonus damage to creeps.

If you're melee it gives you 40% bonus, and if you're ranged it gives you 15%. This means that it's not often bought on ranged heroes because it doesn't offer a very big bonus, but on melee heroes, it can be the difference between getting a last hit and it being denied from in front of you, because you have the bonus damage. It also has an active which means you can cut down trees and enemy wards, meaning that it's easier to make a path for you to escape if you're being chased by enemies. The next item is a stout shield. Again, this is normally only ever bought on melee heroes because the bonus it offers to ranged heroes isn't that great. What it does is, there's a 50% chance it will block 16 damage from any auto-attack that is on your hero.

This means that it can help you survive harass while you're in the laning stage, and if you're a jungler, it means you're much more likely to jungle efficiently and safely. An iron branch is a very cheap item which gives you +1 to all your attributes. This is often bought, if once you've bought all your main starting items, you have a little bit of gold left over, just to give you that little extra boost when you're in the laning stage. It can also be planted to make a happy little tree, which can be used on a tango to give you double the regen. The next item is a ring of protection.

This is a good item to buy if you're worried that your hero is low on armour, or if you're going to build a basillius or tranquil boots. This item can stop you taking a lot of damage while in lane, if you're constantly being attacked by creeps or enemy heroes because the extra 2 armour is actually quite significant. An iron talon is a good starting item to buy if you're going to be jungling.

That's because it combines a quelling blade and a ring of protection together, as well as giving an active of taking 40% health away from an enemy creep every time it's off cooldown. This, if used efficiently, can massively increase the speed at which you jungle, and means that you level up and get gold quicker. Courier is a useful little creature, that when bought, will bring items to any friendly heroes that want to use it, anywhere they are on the map. Supports normally buy this item, but if you're in a game and no-one does buy it, it's better to buy it and lose out on the gold, because having no courier in a game significantly slows down your ability to get items. Wards are normally bought by supports. At the beginning of the game, two can be bought, and they restock every 7 minutes. Wards will give you friendly vision in an area where they're placed on the map and no hero has to be around there, which means they're very good for finding out enemy movements if you place them in the right place.

If you're playing a game and you're soloing support, you should buy both the courier and two wards. Unfortunately this means you'll get your other items slower, but it will massively help out your team and they'll really appreciate it. If there are two supports on your team, you can split the cost of the courier and wards between you, this helps share the burdens of being a support and makes it a little bit fairer. When selecting your starting items, you'll want to consider a few things. What heroes do the enemies have? What lane are you going to be in, and what position are you going to be in? Is your hero melee or ranged? And are you going to get harassed a lot or not? To begin with, I would buy the recommended starting items that come up on the side of the screen, until you're more familiar with the game mechanics and what various items do. Thanks for watching. If you have any questions, please put them in the comments below.

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