DotA 2 Guide - Centaur Warrunner Done Quick

By: Pay 2 Lose Gaming

Hi, My name is Blinks, and this is how you play Centaur Warrunner. Centaur Warrunner is a Strength-Based Melee Initiator. Centaur’s Q, is a melee range AOE damaging stun.

His W, is a melee range range AOE nuke that damages both the target and Centaur himself. His E Passively does damage to everything that attacks him based on a percentage of his strength. And his Ultimate globally gives his allies increased movement speed and the ability to slow enemy units on collision. Centaur is a very durable hero, a strong laner, and great in teamfights. You generally want to combo his Q and his W, hitting one after the other for maximum damage. If you are laning with someone who also has a stun, don’t be afraid to play aggressive and go for kills early. At level 3, your Q + W combo alone does 262 damage, and if you can combo that with another stun and auto attacks, you are sure to get a kill. Centaur really starts to shine when he has a blink dagger.

Blinking in and Q’ing clumped up enemies is a great way to initiate a fight, or to ensure a kill on a fleeing enemy. Make sure to follow up your Q with a W, and try to use your blink dagger as often as possible to initiate. After you’ve done your Q & W combo, you can ultimate to slow fleeing enemies, or to help your teammates catch up to the teamfight. When leveling up Centaur, put your first point into Q, then prioritize R > W > Q > E, while putting one point into E at level 4. Since his W ability does damage to both Centaur and his target, a hood of defiance is a must-have item, as it will significantly negate the damage you do to yourself. After that, get a blink dagger, and then build Tanky! Vanguard, Heart of Torrasque, and Assault Cuirass are all great items.

DotA 2 Guide - Centaur Warrunner Done Quick

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