Dota 2 Millionaire, s2e4: LOST [eng sub]

By: RuHub Media

Hi, everyone. This is a new episode of Dota 2 millionaire. Second season continues. The rules are simple.

You have 3 lifelines. The first one is 50/50 where I remove 2 wrong answers. The second lifeline is Venge's swap which allows you to swap a question with another one. The other question has random difficulty. The final lifeline is Aegis.

You can make a mistake with Aegis and still continue playing. We have 14 questions in total. Good luck! 1. Lost continuously appeared in these clothes during NaVi era: A. Gucci costume; B "I love NY" shirt C.

Adidas pants; D. Ran out naked I was close to D few times. How close? Did Zerogravity catch you just before running out on stage? Nah, before winning TI1 we got low salary so we could not but clothes. So I had Adidas pants which I wore for 6-7 years.

Dota 2 Millionaire, s2e4: LOST [eng sub]

Man, I should have kept them for a museum. A Dota museum, yeah, one is opening in Moscow right now. It's an esports museum in general. Anyway, adidas pants saved my life. Did you buy more of those? I switched to different pants..

Wait a second, what's on me right now? The final answer is C. Adidas pants. Correct. 2.

Which of the following abilities destroys trees? I would be glad to see Tinker destroying trees with his March because they look like woodcutters. First of all, it makes sense... And secondly, I would love to see Tinker without an ability to hide in trees.

However, currently we have only Powershot to destroy trees. It's correct. I like your questions.

I need more of those. Perfect, we just started. 3. [This question is related to few Russian memes and streamers] You have a stream of Karina and a stream of Nyawhard.

Which one would you choose? A. I'll watch both. B. Decide according to the meme. C. I'll watch EvilArthas D. I'll pick jungle Brew [reference to LoH's fail in pub] I need to think. You'll give me C and D id I use 50/50.

If we start discussing D, this show will turn into a 5 hour stream. On a serious note, Karina was okay until some point. She just stopped progressing. I hope she comes up with something new. Nyawhard is a diamond but at some point he just stopped improving. He will become a star one day.

Maybe next life. So I would either watch Arthas or pick jungle Brew. Actually, Arthas is pretty good if he streams something else than Dota. If he can't blame teammates, he stops being toxic. So in other games he could become best in the world. Plus he is emotional which is very important. I will watch Arthas, but if he plays Dota, I will pick Brew. Or wait.

No, I would pick something else. Correct, moving on. Which of the following is a nickname of a Chinese player? If you take current Chinese tryhards, you would find lots of 322s and 228s. I'm sure such nicknames would succeed in EU.

Well, I doubt they know about 228. I'm sure they know about 322 as they had a tournament with such name. However, people are not as good as we two in getting the audience, so there is only 357 with an unknown meaning. It means nothing. I asked Chinese players in their interviews. They are just numbers. The just don't want to give out their secrets.

Good, moving on to the next question. Which hero according to RU community can "throw pigeons" at you? Logically, three of those four can throw pigeons. At least their birds look like pigeons. But Visage and Phoenix are picked rarely so it's A. Skywrath Mage. Your logic is killing me, man.

Wait, they are white, right? I mean pigeons are mostly white like Skywrath's birds. Are there black pigeons? I don't think so. What do you mean? Most of the pigeons are grey, the white ones are rare. Okay, so why are we calling his birds pigeons then? Are you asking me? I don't know, you tell me. But this is a correct answer. Final answer? A. Final.

of course it's correct. Which of the following heroe's primary attribute is not strength? A hard question. Wisp is definitely a strength hero. Ogre Magi, too. Wait. ... is not strength. Well, Ogre Magi is an int-hero.

Yeah, I'm confident now. D, final. I know he has a lot of strength but he has 2 heads so he is smart! He has not much intellect but he has 2 heads so we multiply it by 2. Ideal for first pick. What about strength heroes with 2 heads? Not existing. In any case, answer D is correct. Which of the following runes lasts less than the others? A. Regen B.

Invis C. Haste D. Double Damage It's obviously regen.

For whom? For every hero that does not spend mana each second like Storm. Think a bit. Do you remember the length of the runes? Nope, but I'm thinking between regen and haste.

I can't use 50/50 as you'll remove B and D. I remove at random. Okay, I am not sure about the correct answer so we swap this question out. Swap.

You cannot play for this hero in a guided bot match: Oh my god. Have you played guided bot match? Nope, I don't even imagine what that is. You enter Dota, go to tutorials section and see "guided bot match". There are 3 heroes in it. So one of those four is not there. You should have answered the rune question.

You were hesitating between 2 options but now you have 4. Well, heroes should be simple in tutorials. No, hero should be easy to target enemies. We've moved to change the background. We were kicked out, tell them the truth.

Okay, we were kicked out by security staff. But we are still playing. So continue your logic. Good. I have two ideas. First one is that you need to easily target enemies, while it is quite hard with Lina.

With other 3 you just click a target and you're done. The second idea is that you need to play one of each primary attribute heroes: 1 str, 1 agi, 1 int. Then it's between Sven and WK as they are both strength.

But how to pick between B and D then? Take 50/50. No, it won't help much. But you can lose Aegis. Yeap, so let it be it then. In future you would make logical questions instead. But you've just name 2 logical ideas, no? Yes and I will stick to the first one as it has a bigger chance of success.

So what is your final answer? C. Lina. I am a newcomer that don't want to have non-target abilities. When I master direct stun I'll switch to Lina, then Invoker, etc. Okay, wait, you are going in the wrong direction.

We count C as final and it is wrong. The answer is B. I want to hear the logic. Your second idea was correct but you just need to know some staff to pick between B and D. The question was hard, by the way. And imagine I took 50/50 and WK plus Sven remained.

It's possible. So I would have lost all the lifelines. I outplayed you man. Which of the following players never performed under Chinese tag? Loda. Final. He played in Zenith from Asia and he had a girlfriend. Then he understood that you can take the girl back to Europe and live a good life in Sweden. So he took Kelly and they live there happily.

They got TI3, right? Correct. Love rules the world. Which of the following skills works on towers? I'm 90% confident that when Ench approaches a tower, it continues hitting with the same speed. So it's not C. Yeap. You have 3 left.

Which of them works on towers? Oh, I got it wrong. Okay, Curse of Avernus is a sword, right? It should be a sword. A curse that you can cast on towers... How can you cast a curse on towers? Tower has not body. Maybe it's not a curse? Yeah, I have troubles with English names. Well, curse has the same translation. Yes, coil is the face of death kinda, shield is Aphotic Shield which is not a curse. I don't remember his ulti name but it's not a curse.

Oh, it's borrowed something. So curse is a speed booster for everyone. Oh my god, I didn't think about it. It works on towers! B.

Final. B? Sure? Yes, I'm confident. It's abaddon. I just want to lose and go to bed. Well, you won't go to bed yet as this answer is correct! I got lucky. At which of the following years blue was the main color of The International? I have a question... What is the current color? Where can you see this color? Open Dota client and you'll see it. Currently it's purple.

[it's not purple, guys, I know]. The fifth one was golden. I remember the third one being green. 100%. I take 50/50.

We keep B and D. Well, that did not help. I wanted to tell you that 2011 did not have a color at all, so I hoped you would keep A or C. Is there a logic behind the colors? What do you mean? I mean green, blue, purple... it should follow a pattern.

You should actually know such things, it's not logical. I remember the golden one at 2015. You were at all these TIs, come on. You remember the green one. I don't even know how I remember that.

And you remembered that TI1 was colorless. Yeah, steam was empty at that time. Let's think. Blue... What colors were at other TIs? Help me. I can't even tell. So you want me to tell? Sure, you've played there.

You think we were paying attention to colors? I was a typical nerd pushing buttons. I did not care about surroundings. Well, look. Blue is a simple color, right? And what colors should be picked first? The simplest or more complex? Okay, you answered this question. It is B. Are you sure? There are many simple colors.

Yeah, but if you trick me once, I forgive you. If you do it twice, I cross you out from my life. But it's my duty to trick you. So there are many simple colors. Red, blue, yellow, etc.

RGB. We had green in 2013, so we have blue and red left. Yeah, red and blue. And now we have the red one. No, it's purple. Okay, I got it. 2014 had Chinese teams at the top and it had nothing blue. During 2012 I was a player and I didn't see the color.

So it was blue. B. Final. Correct. Logic.

Nope, I just remembered not seeing that color because of sitting in the booth all the time. I got to the final, you know. What is the max number of illusions that a character can create without items or help of allies/enemies but with using runes? I think Lancer has 9 illusions at max. Give me a hint. Is it Lancer? You want a huge hint. Just prove my knowledge. I say it's Lancer, correct? I don't know. Can't tell.

If you count his illusions, it's either 7 or 9. Plus rune makes it B or C. So it's 50/50, I don't know. 50/50 between which options? It's random. Okay, listen. Some time ago Lancer had strong illusions and he had smaller amount. Because having 11 illusions back then would destroy 5 heroes instantly. Now illusions are weaker so we have 9 of them.

So my answer is C. 11. What about illusions from runes? Are sure they sum up with hero illusions? I'm not sure. If they don't sum up... Your logic is okay, but we have question number 11. Maybe it has a tricky part. You're getting close to a million.

Million of what? Belarusian rubles? Yeah, kinda. Think twice. Where is the trick? The trick is that we have answer 11 in question number 11. The second trick is that runes may not affect Lancer illusions. I've never tried that. I've never been a Lancer that takes Illusion rune in a middle of a fight.

I'm sure no one else was. Wait a second. What about manta style? Does it add illusions to Lancer? Or it replaces Lancers illusions? It's a good question. According to mechanics, it should be counted as a separate spell. E.g., when Morphling uses Manta, he can grab illusion rune, ask Shadow Demon to make even more copies.

What I've seen is that a Morph killed five enemies when he was lucky on illusion rune. He had manta, he had replicate and took one more illusion rune. Morphling is not an illusion hero. What about Lancer? An illusion-based hero takes illusion rune. Will he have more illusions? That is a question for Icefrog if you can find him.

Cause I remember so many things in Dota that are hard to explain. So my answer is still C. 11. Final. Man, Icefrog... you know, not everything is going according to Gods will.

Not everything works as Icefrog thought. People are sitting the whole day in their offices thinking how to fix bugs without breaking something else. The code is interrelated, you know. Okay, the answer is D because Lancer has 9 illusions at max plus he can take 2 illusion runes.

One at 1:59 and another one spawning at 2:00 [this is actually not correct as two runes of the same type can't spawn in a row] Nice logic. Good question. You lost but we continue playing. We always play until the end. What is the Phoenix's Egg deny threshold? It's between 10 and 25. Is it 15 or what? Yeah, something like that.

I think it's 10. When I denied allies during last 7 years... it happened a lot, you know, it's like curing an incurable person. You just help him die. So what is the hero deny threshold? It has always been less than 10%. I've never seen a deny with 25% hitpoints.

I can't even think of such situation. What is the creep deny threshold? It's 50%. So here is an example of high HP deny. Maybe egg is a creep? Ask this question to Icefrog. Egg... You know, focus fire works on creeps.

But it does not work on egg. Did you know it? What is your final answer? Focus fire does not work on egg but PA can jump on egg and gain attack speed. However, she can't jump on towers.

So I can't tell. What is an egg? Is a hero? A creep? A tower? What is that thing? A rocket? A plane? That's why it's 10%. It's wrong. The answer is D. 50%. I wonder if anyone tried denying Phoenix's egg with 50% hp. How many heroes in Dota can gain maximum attack speed without items and help of allies/enemies? Windranger, Alchemist probably. Or not? I need a hero table.

You are sure about Windranger, right? Yes, she has it at max. And Alchemist? He needs items, so it does not count. I don't remember any hero except WR that could get max attack speed only with abilities.

Are you sure? Can I open hero table? Wait, wait, wait. C'mon, are you kidding me? I can't remember them all. It's question 13. of course, it's hard.

I just want to see their faces. You are close to a million, though you lost few times by now. What did you think man? Life is hard. You should keep swap for such questions. Do I have swap remaining? You spent it. Well, this questions is decent.

I see no other hero except WR with max attack speed. A. Final. You gorgot Ursa [this is wrong as well as Ursa is lacking 12 as to the max limit] Are you sure Ursa has it maxed? Does it state so in Dota? Yes, without help of allies or enemies. It gains max attack speed.

What if I check that? Go on. There were cases when I had mistakes in this show. That's even better, makes me learn something. I'm just saying that WR has this line explicitly stated in the description, while Ursa gains 400. I'll check this out. Which of these neutral creeps has the biggest movement speed? Can you at least say their Russian names? I play translated version of Dota. Okay, look.

Centaur, Golem, Harpy and Satyr. These names existed since Dota 1. Banisher is the small one, right? The smaller one, I think. Logically, a creature with more legs is the fastest. Which of those has more legs? Or flies? Oh, true. So who has 4 legs? Centaur And Satyr? Btw, Centaur..

Harpy is flying. But centaur has a club or something. It weights a ton. True. Harpy has no club. And Satyr has a sword or something. Did you see Satyr on a cosplay festival? You can't run fast with such legs. Hence, Harpy without club is the fastest unit of those.

It's wrong again. Why did you mention that club? Well, Satyr is actually the fastest of those. The speed difference is actually 5-10 units. Okay, that was the last question. Though you lost, you still get a prize. I fought with honor.

I like such questions. Here is you prize. Open it up. Show it on camera. We have some more. We've discussed the "coco" in our interview, but you didn't specify which coco you wanted, so you got few kinds. And there is a millionaire wristband which is given to all participants of season 2.

Few words in the end about this show. I like it a lot. I like logical questions. For example, the last one is hard to get logically. You can just know such things. I mean Icefrog put some values in everything. So it's just random. I'm sure 0,01% of all players could answer this question.

I think it's better to develop logic, intelligence, etc. But you had few good logical questions. True.

I liked the show. But the best one was the humoristic one. Karina, Nyawhard, Arthas. Becuase each of them has pros.

Did you think I'll trashtalk them? I didn't think about that at all. Karina is a great actress. Make a TV show with them. When they understand the importance of such things, I can do it easily.

Nyawhard is a talented person, EvilArthas is a greatest performer of all times. On this positive note we finish this episode of Dota2 Millionaire. See you!.

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