Dying Light - Difference between early and late game


This part of this video shown early-game gameplay. If you want to skip to "Late-game" click a button on the upper left. Too afraid to go down there... Eat dirt! I really like spike trap in this game. One hit kill.

Very convenient. Corpses molesting is my job. DIE! DIE!..DIE!... DIED on the first hit, man! Drop Kick! There are many competitions when you play co-op. Like this one, who find most valuable loots is the winner. Press Q to scan area for loots. It will be marked on the screen. This time, winner won some EXP for agility skill tab.

Drop Kick zombies into spike trap is fun. Lets see how I fight without my friends. Drop Kick! Ouch! Just die already! Im exhausted. I quit! Hey... its my turn. Quest time! Make yourself at home... Feel like playing Dead Island when talking to NPC. Trolling guy..

...just want to see if trap still functional. No friendly fire in this game. But this still hurt. Sometimes, you have to save some survivors. From zombies or even from human. Rule no.1, Double Tap! You won some EXP and money for helping this guy.

First time playing Dying Light - Full Team - Different between early and late game [EN-TH subtitle]

This is safe house, thats not safe yet. You have to kill all zombies in safe house area and turn on power. Sometimes, you have to close the door.

Thats too many! I wont go down there! Here come berserker. Remember... Remember...the rules... Rule..

Rule...No.1... Rule...No.1...Double... Rule...No.1...Double...Tab! (Maybe quadruple tab...) More corpses, more loots! If you found a police van, always picklocking it! Theres always a great weapon, and a very hard lockpick too. Another competition, deal the most damage to Goon. And this is Goon. This wooden club wont help me win this competition... you have my broken one, Let me grab yours.

Let me introduce you to Electric Fence. There a lot of traps through out the town, one of them is Electric Fence. When activated, it will emit sound that lure some zombies and then...ZZZZZZZZ Another competition that I cant win, Kill most zombies. Slowpoke... Whats leftove...is mine..

Did you died yet? Lose, just as I thought. After leveled for a while, day time is now boring. Night time is more excite. Forgot to turn on flashlight... This is Volatile. Early in game, met with him made you sh*t your pant.

But now...its different story. There are human enemies too. Melee fight?...I prefer gun fight.

Directed by Michael Bay! Usually, any enemies will downed to the ground when I slide under them... This is not usual... Just shoot him... What? hes just die. Did you see that?! Zombies suddenly changed cloth. Thank you for wasting 13 minutes in your life watching my video :).


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