Easy Guide to Setting up ENB for Skyrim

By: Modderly

Alright, so our next step is to install ENB. So we will open up the browser and type in ENBdev.com. It will take us to the website where we get ENB from. Kinda confusing, you're gonna scroll down and click News and then head over to download. Then we're going to scroll down and locate, under graphic modifications, TES Skyrim.

Select that. These are the current versions of ENB that are available. We're going to download the most recent version. Later on you might find that an ENB that you're trying to use uses a different version of the ENB binaries and you'll want to download that version instead.

But for now you can just download this and overwrite it later if you need to. Download. It'll take it a few seconds, shouldn't be too long. And once it's downloaded, we'll open, I'm going to extract it to the desktop. Make a new folder we're gonna call it ENB. Okay.

Extracting. Done. Close that. Close this. Here is the ENB folder open it up.

Easy Guide to Setting up ENB for Skyrim

We're going to want to use the wrapper version. There are very rare occasions in which you would want to use the injector version, the majority of users are going to want the Wrapper. Now we're going to take everything, EVERYTHING, that is in here copy it, ctrl+c, minimize, open up your Skyrim directory, Which is, again, C, program files, Steam, Steamapps, common, Skyrim. Select in here. I have ENB already installed you probably won't get this.

Just click copy and replace. Going to click yes. And that is that. ENB is completely installed.

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