By: GatoOscuro

Tell them 702217G, The amazing world of WORLD OF WARCRAFT (WoW) How far can your personality become in a video game? That is a question that I miss over the course of my life after being in this for a long time Tonight I come to talk especially of WORLD OF WARCRAFT, For those who have not had the opportunity / interest. Is fantastic war game you abstract it is: it is a role-playing video game and massively multiplayer online developed by Blizzard .. It takes place in the world of Azeroth. The game was released on November 23, 2004 celebrating The tenth anniversary of the warcraft franchise. Good to leave everything clear we have to get to the point !! And is that so many people who play this game is never missing the rare person, For those who have played this game. They know very well that there are opposing team trolls that will not let you or revive in your area. I'm going to start with a little anecdote that happened to me while playing.

This game is characterized by its extensive areas and habitat. Where some areas can feel the very medieval atmosphere, to the point !. While I was walking in one of these areas looking for missions encounter One that was far away from high-level enemies hovering around, obviously- I at that time had very little equipment and had armor made shit, but I saw that the area of this mission- I had never entered, so I entered my curiosity and started to travel. When arriving the first thing I notice is the rotten environment and thought also I notice that ahead there was a very dark and old castle I also noticed that at the front door of the castle there were two large level Orcs, try to look into the spells of me (PJ) To see if I found any spell or enchantment with which I could pass by the side of them, without them noticing. (THIS HISTORY IS 100% ORIGINAL, DO NOT FAKE. DARK CAT CC) # 702217G After a long time organizing spells, I find one that gave me the possibility to hide.

These were about 25 seconds, so I had to do everything very fast and accurate. I began to calculate how long the spell could last, without the enemy's counting. I was far away, in an area where the enemies could not perceive me. I WAS READY !!! I hold the spell and start walking, quickly as I could in the game ... I passed the side of the two enemies and entered the main door, just in time when the spell was over. What I did not know was that there were two other high level enemies in the main room.

I try to fight with all my powers I had, but it was all in Bano. It was very low level for these enemies. At last, after a long battle. Finish my dead person. # Sad702217G This meant my end, for those who do not know about this game I tell them. When you die you reappear in a graveyard and you have to go..


Walking or flying depends on where you are, the same place where you died and resurrect after a while default. There's the problem, no matter how I resurrected I was going to go back to the same place, and they would kill me constantly. I would not escape death, for the enemies, seeing me rise again, would return and kill me without leaving me an escape.

When I thought that everything was lost I got my salvation A character of a girl of high level, enough to kill all the enemies with a single blow, quickly takes me out of that place And I wanted to give a gesture of thanks, I wanted to give him all my gold that was in my inventory, But he said; DO NOT. His character stares at me and after a long time, he responds Female character = "I do not need it human" ... After reading his answer and his word "human", I wondered what kind of person he was, clearly he was not a bot or root character. It was nothing, that had to do with these zones previously programmed. I started to ask questions and I noticed that he responds very sarcastically and rarely Ah, as I'm accustomed to chatting with other characters in this game, he asked; - "How long have you been playing? Female character: - What game are you talking about? I repeat the game sarcastically: What the fuck, you do not know what game you play? Personaje Mujer: -I reiterate human, do not know that you are talking to me, take those answers in mockery and ask something easier From which country do you come from? R //: Human, you have some very strange words, country ?. You mean my lands ?, I have grown in these lands...

I got really angry and I said: Shit, talk to me seriously, do you have Facebook? R //: What is Facebook? I did not know whether to frighten or insult her, I began to withdraw little by little. And to start my journey again ... After a few minutes, I felt someone following me, I moved my cursor to a bush and it was her. Like: "WTF, THAT FACES" ... All this time he has been following me ?, and if he accompanied me during all my trip and helped me to defeat those enemies of high level.

Already spending many hours in the game, I told him what I had to withdraw. -Since then That I disconnected, I did not play WoW for a long time, after several weeks without entering the game, entered again. I noticed that she was not connected and did not even have her on the friends list. This video is made mainly for those people who have had rare things or moments in video games. Leave me your rare experience in the comments, I will read them.

And remember; "Rare people, there are everywhere." Dark Cat / 702217G (Philosopher 2017, 3000). See you soon, it's bedtime. You have spoken 702217G and we will see you in a new video ...

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