Elder Scrolls Legends: Campaign

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There are different game modes in Elder Scrolls Legends: Practice, Versus Battle, Story Campaign, Solo Arena and Versus Arena. These modes offer different gameplay opportunities and rewards. This article will tell you everything about Campaign in TES Legends.

Many game fans are dreaming to see large and deep story in the game. Many quests and new Lore… But unfortunately this is not about this game. TES Legends is not an MMO or RPG and you shouldn’t expect long and deep storyline from the campaign mode. Yes, there will be a story and you will receive some quests. But it’s more about introducing game mechanics to new players. You will receive starting knowledge about the game and will get starting card decks. You will also unlock new cards. This is what this mode is about.


Though developers say that this mode is not extended tutorial, it looks like it’s very close to it. It will take you 2-4 hours to complete it fully! As you see it’s really short. One of the developers confirmed that after replaying for about 10 times he can beat it within 2 hours. This is total time with questing and battles! A newbie will spend 4 hours or maybe a little bit more but anyway it’s not a huge storyline.  


During this mode you will have to do several important choices. The rewards you receive will depend on these choices. But don’t think about these decisions too much. They don’t have long-term effect. All the rewards you receive through the campaign mode can be earned in other modes.

Moreover, this main story is repayable! You can play it as many times as you wish making different choices every time. This allows to see all the endings and receive all rewards. Is it worth replaying? Maybe yes, maybe no. If you wish to play it once more – do it. But don’t forget that Campaign is not the main mode of this game. It’s better to visit Arena or go PvP :)


You will receive rewards for completing different parts of the mode. Sometimes the rewards will be fixed, sometimes will depend on your choice. In general they are not the best. You will get several new cars for building decks. If you wish really good prizes visit Arena. This is where you can receive the best cards.


This section will be updated once more information about the game is available.

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