Elder Scrolls Legends: Classes

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Classes in Elder Scrolls Legends are very important part of the game. Many game fans think that they affect overal power of your deck by giving for example more physical damage to all your attacks or similar bonuses. But that’s wrong. Archetypes are made for other reason: they determine the attributes of your Avatar and thus the “color” of cards you can currently use in your deck.


There are 5 main attributes in the game and each class combines only two of them. Each attribute has its unique color and unique cards. So you can't access all the cards with one class. You are limited in choice. Here are all 5 attributes and the color of cards they give access to:

  • Strength – Red Cards
  • Agility – Green Cards
  • Intelligence – Blue Cards
  • Endurance – Purple Cards
  • Willpower – Yellow Cards

List of Classes

Why Attributes are important? Because each Class combines only 2 of them and thus has access to only 2 groups of cards. In other words, the archetype you pick affects the color of cards you are able to play. For example Battlemage class can use Strength (Red) and Intelligence (Blue) cards only. He can’t use other cards. Here is the list of all Archetypes in TES Legends:

Scout Agility + Endurance Green + Purple
Sorcerer Intelligence + Endurance Blue + Purple
Assassin Intelligence + Agility Blue + Green
Mage Intelligence + Willpower Blue + Yellow
Spellsword Willpower + Endurance Yellow + Purple
Monk Willpower + Agility Yellow + Green
Crusader Strength + Willpower Red + Yellow
Warrior Strength + Endurance Red + Purple
Battlemage Strength + Intelligence Red + Blue
Archer Strength + Agility Red + Green

As you probably know there are also cards with 2 colors mixed. Such cards can only be played in a deck that features those two colors. For example a Battlemage may use the cards where Red and Blue colors are mixed. But he can’t play other mixed cards.

Do the classes restrict something else? No, they don’t set other restrictions except the color of cards you are able to play. For example, you can still have multiple Battlemage decks with different combinations of Red and Blue cards.

How to Select Archetype?

The most difficult decision in every game is choosing correct class. In TES Legends this question is also important. First of all you should get familiar with the list of all cards every Attribute offers. Then you need to decide which of the 2 attributes are the best for you. Thus you will automatically choose the archetype for your hero.

Different Cards

Now you know that different classes allow to play different groups of cards, but what’s the difference between those groups? In general the main difference are the creatures and the attacks they offer. For example Strength allows you to summon Lurcher, Dragon, cast out enemies and so on. Endurance allows to summon Angry Grahl (Troll), Blood Magic Lord (Undead), Black Worm Necromancer and so on.

TES Legends Classes

Which Class is the Best?

In general there is no best class. All 10 archetypes are great and have different advantages and disadvantages. We recommend you not to look for the best class but to find the playstyle you like. Some players may want to have more creatures with raw power; other players may want to poison enemies or use different debuffs, some will like using spells and so on. Build the deck you want according your playstyle and you will succeed.

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