Elder Scrolls Legends: Lanes and Lane Effects

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The main gameplay difference of TES Legends from Hearthstone and other card games is that in Legends battlefield is separated into 2 different areas called Lanes. The most important feature is that creatures from one lane can’t attack creatures on the other. It’s possible to attack cards which are located on the same lane only.

Such mechanics opens up large number of different choices. A player has to think where he wants to draw cards. Will you place a card on a lane where there are enemy creatures and put it at risk of destruction? Or will you draw a card on an empty lane allowing it to live longer but spreading your force?

Lanes and Lane Effects

Moreover, such mechanics lower the importance of one strong card. In many card games with one play mat a very strong card can change the whole game. For example if your enemy has a Troll with large amount of HP and damage you will most likely fail. You just have to sit and wait until you are defeated.  In Legends strong card is not so important.  If enemy has strong cards on one side you may want to try to change situation using other side.

Lane Rules

  • You can draw card on one of 2 sides: left or right. The card will stay there until it's killed or until the game ends.
  • A card from one side can attack enemy creatures located on the same side or enemy avatar directly. It’s impossible to attack creatures located on the other side of the battlefield.
  • If the card is located on one side it can’t be moved to the other side.
  • A particular side may have extra rules called Lane Effects. These effects set extra rules for playing cards on this specific part of the play mat.

Lane Effects

The battlefield has two sides but plying same cards on these sides may be different because of Lane Effects. A side may have extra conditions that affect the gameplay and choices you make.

For example when the developers showed demonstrational video there was a rule that protects all cards drawn on the right side from being attacked until next turn. Thus the card can’t be immediately destroyed. As you see this extra condition affects the gameplay a lot!

Where to see Effects? Each part of the battlefield has a glowing rune on the side. Hover the rune and you will see if there are any special conditions for this particular part.

List of effects:

  • Cover – protects the card from being attacked after it is drawn until next turn.
  • Graveyard – dead creatures will rise again as skeletons.

These extra conditions make Elder Scrolls Legends more difficult to play. All your actions must be based not only on the strength of you cards but also on the lane effects! This is where the game becomes difficult and strategical.

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