Elder Scrolls Legends: Prophecy Cards

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Elder Scrolls Legends is a new card game published by Bethesda. It’s often compared with Hearthstone and there are several important differences between these games. One of the differences is Prophecy Cards and Runes system. This guide will tell you everything about how this system works and how you can benefit from it.

When you start playing the game you see a play mat with your avatar in the bottom and your opponent’s avatar in the top. You start the game with 30 health and once HP of one of player’s drops to zero the game finishes.

As you see the rules are pretty easy. But have you noticed 5 blue “crystals” around your avatar? That’s not for decoration purposes only. The crystals are called Runes.


Every time you lose 5 HP the rune shatters and you draw a card from your deck for free! This may be a good help for loosing player. You draw free card after your HP drops below 25, 20, 15, 10, 5 points. Five free cards in total. The aim of this system is to give loosing player a hand and to give him extra chances of surviving.  

Prophecy Cards

There is one very important thing you should know about this system. There are special Prophecy cards in TES Legends. If the card you draw after the rune breaks is a Prophecy card, it is played for free immediately. It is played in the middle of your opponent’s turn. Drawing a Prophecy card can help you to survive for longer time.

Prophecy Card

  • If Prophecy card is drawn after the rune shatters, you play it immediately.
  • In this case it doesn’t require any Magicka. It’s played for free.

Of course luck is important here. When your rune is shattered and you draw a card you may receive a simple creature for example. This card will be added to your hand and you will be able to use it when it’s your turn to act. But if you are lucky enough you will draw Prophecy card which will help you immediately.

How to increase chances of drawing Prophecy cards? The answer is simple: use these cards when building your deck! If you have only one card in your deck the chances of getting it are very low. But if you have 10 cards the chances become much higher. We don’t recommend filling all your deck with such cards, but having some may help you in difficult situations.

Other Benefits

Drawing a free card is not the only benefit connected with rune shattering. There are some cards that get benefits when you destroy rune of your opponent. For example:

  • Morthal Executioner card receives +2 attack when enemy rune is destroyed.
  • Dawnstar Healer gains you +3 HP when enemy rune is destroyed.

Cards that benefit from destroying rues can be usually found in Strength and Willpower decks.

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