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By: Fevir

What's good, It's Fevir. Let's look at some gaming news that I found interesting over the last little bit. Skyrim modding for the Special Edition is just getting started... Black Desert posts some numbers and prepares to release a PvP server... Fortnite introduces a battle Royale game mode.. Lost Ark anticipation cannot be contained.. all that and more... coming up. So some of you know my about my love affair with modding.

specifically Skyrim modding. I've spoken about it at length... but I've kind of ignored it since the Skyrim Special Edition was released because the modding community has been missing a 3rd party tool- the SKSE.. the Skyrim Script Extender. This is something that enables so many of the great mods to even exist.. and without it.. the mod scene started to cool down... but as of this week.

an alpha version.. a for mod authors- version was released which at the very least let's those of us waiting on it know that it hasn't been scrapped and that it is infact possible to make.. a lot of the chatter around it was it's been so long since the Special Edition came out with no real word on if the script extender was possible.. that we probably wouldn't see it.. but, now we do. In fact some mod authors are already at work utilizing the script extender.. and even though it's not quite ready for use in everyone's mod lists... with a little know-how and many hours clocked modding.

you can see it work already.. and some mods from the original Skryim.. spring to life with some tinkering.. including a non-hacked version of SkyUI and with it.. MCM support. Now I want to repeat this is not feature complete.. for most people this is just a reminder.. that Skyrim modding will shift into a second golden era of modding soon (tm) and I couldn't be happier. The two versions.

Fortnite Battle Royal & Skryim Special Edition SKSE - The Fix Gaming News

even after all this time are both generally in the 20-30th played games on steam- are playable off steam and on console.. and if you combined the numbers would probably push it damn close to top 10.. and the SKSE will just further invigorate that. I know it gets old to see people talking about a 6 year old game.. but play Forgotten City.. play Vigilant or Maids II and see why people care.. or better yet, wait for the SKSE to release for the Special Edition and try it then. Moving on to Black Desert.

As I always point out... Black Desert constantly has got stuff going on. Some of the big news for people actually playing the game is the addition of a PvP server.. or rather, I guess you'd call it a channel. There is no fresh start attached to it.

but players will now be able to flip to a channel that has no penalties for PvP, meaning no karma loss. You'll still be affected by the karma you had when flipping here.. so negative karma will still effect certain death penalties and the way cities treat you.. but if that's how you wanted to play the game- they've added it for you. I don't know how popular this will be in practice without any incentive.. I imagine a few guilds will just own the grind spots there and allow them to get away from karma bombing- but maybe it's a hit and shows they are cool with having separate rulesets for servers. I'd love a life skill or AFK activity based server to remove some of the load on certain servers that are running events or world bosses to alleviate some of the problems. On top of the PvP server.

they have added 4 entire new servers/channels by the name of Kamasylvia.. which is the name of the upcoming area being added soon.. and will help remove some of the crowding as Black Desert continues to grow.. and in the effect I should mention just some of the numbers from a press conference a couple weeks ago I saw reported by massivelyop- over 7.65 million registered users, total sales amounting over #300 million.

and while Black Desert has it's mobile game and console version on the way- which interestingly.. they even make a point to say that the console market is 5 to 10 times larger than the PC market- and I've shared that I think Black Desert is going to kill on console.. Pearl Abyss also says they are working on four more additional games.

and as of September 14th.. will selling shares of the company in case you want to ride that monetization money train too. I'll also briefly mention the PvE addition, The Savage Rift.. a structured PvE game mode that was released a bit ago.. it's kind of like a horde mode.

hold out against many monsters over time.. which for some reason was implemented in such a way that instead of fighting, fighting... you generally spend most of your time shooting a musket, or activating a tower structure.. it's kind of like a really bad tower defense game. But hey.. it's a new game mode at least.


playing the game is fun. Everything else around it.. the progression structure.. the monetization.. the balance.. the parts that aren't running around shooting and building.

are bunk. Well.. it looks like they may have taken mine.. and many other people's feedback to heart.. but instead of fixing what's broken.. they are releasing.. Fortnite.. Battle Royale. Which is basically.

Fortnite PUBG.. but you say Battle Royale because other games.. like H1Z1 before it.. have done this.. murder box game mode before.. but there is some blatant 'inspiration' here.

The funny part.. jokes aside.. is that it's fun.. it's more than that.. the Fortnite Battle Royale mode is batshit fun.

and runs better than actual PUBG and is playable on the consoles first- I think it might actually even be the first battle royale game or game mode on consoles.. which is why I think they rushed it out and puts them in a great position if it's supported well- to be a hit.. and it just oozes potential.. like everything else in this damn game.

Now while this could easily have been it's own game.. the way I see it personally.. is just an additional game mode. Let's be happy to have it.

or ignore it if you don't care about it... but people still in the Fortnite community have been mixed because there has been a very steep drop off in players past a certain point in the game making finding even 4 man groups incredibly hard outside peak hours.. especially for non Encampment, Survivor or Storm missions, there are game breaking bugs and even just simple things that need quick attention.. and a growing concern is that this further splits the community and developers focus- a lot bringing up what happened to H1Z1 and the survival mode. The concern is that with so many issues on the table.. why prioritize this. Which lead to EPIC saying that a separate team made this and it didn't impact the development and won't in the future of the main game at all.. which I guess is fair.

but was then met with.. let's say this becomes a hit.. or at least more popular or profitable than the PvE.. the core experience that people have specifically bought into and chosen to support.. and even defended when assholes like me say.

hey Fortnite, fuck you... do they then cater to that larger playerbase.. I can't see how a company wouldn't.

Then when that well dries up they'll look to release a Fortnite Fidget Spinner or a trading card game mode.. but unironically I predict a literal gacha Fortnite moba. But the one thing to keep in mind for people who are saying this will wreck the PvE... if an additional game mode kills the original.. or the PvE game mode.

then that means.. that it was shit.. and people are just moving to a more fun.. or better experience.

whether that is battle royale or destiny or warframe or mario vs rabids.. it doesn't matter. As someone who you can probably hear a bias in my words.. because I've played Fortnite for a while including the betas and am just dissapointed.. for me.. I just sit here and go.

why not Block Party. I am not so malicous to think they are planning to just go from market to market to market and sell to new people to boost sales. No.. as someone who has followed the game.. and I'm telling you, talk to other people who were in the betas. The direction of the game.. is there is no direction. It's throwing pasta against the wall to see what sticks.. its wanting to expand the ip before its done being built.

hell, they might be seeing a faster than expected player bleed rate.. and are just trying to salvage or make the game worth playing.. all of which is why I will make a statement I don't usually say outright. Don't support this game for what you think they will do or even what they say they will do. Spend and support.. on what they have done and on what you can see and what you will be happy paying for. Let's move away from that before I get heated... onto Lost Ark. Which is entering into it's second closed beta phase.

tomorrow.. closed beta keys have gone out so if you did register you can check to see if you got in.. unfortunately I was not lucky.. fortunately I don't mind going through grey areas to get an account.. unfortunately the prices I've seen are batshit crazy.. fortunately I can probably swing it based on youtube moneys.

unfortunately that means you'll probably see a sponsored video in the near future.. fortunately I will try to stream or record and upload footage of Lost Ark.. unfortunately my internet has been garbage so the stream may be a no go. I know there are a lot of people interested in this game- but dread the 2050 NA release date.

I have some additional information that may prove interesting. I don't want to overblow a rumor or expose someone.. but alledegly I have it on.. an unconfirmed by seems legit source.. that the global QnA and localizing firm VMC.. has in fact finished a Lost Ark test. THIS IS ALL HERESAY.. but that expected 2050 release date might come a bit sooner.

think 2045 or something. My last topic I wanted to talk about was really the further spending of Facebook to buy it's way into esports. Facebook as now announced an exclusive partnership with Hi-Rez studios to exclusively broadcast the Paladins Premier League- a 350 000 tournament.. and this is on top of recently securing 5000 hours of CS:Go, S Tier competition through the ESL.. monthly pub G broadcasts and even some world of tanks stuff among others- you may also remember them doing exclusive things with games like Vain Glory or even the Heroes of the Dorm tournament.. Hell, I remember years ago them, I think, sponsoring StoneMountain64 to stream on the facebook live service.. and you even see facebook live integrated into battlenet. Yet.

each time they've tried it's met with pushback. It's no secret esport, video games and video based game content is growing.. and facebook has outright stated they not only want to be in the thick of it.. creating cool tools to help distribute it and grow it.. but now- "They're all in". My question to you.

is what do you think it would take for Facebook to become relevant? It's a weird climate in gaming videos on youtube and many creators have started insurance posting to Facebook. Twitch still has the top dog spot.. probably due to a genuine feel of having gamer cred.. but for you personally.. do you think Facebook can buy it's way into relevancy and what will it take? A better monetized platform? Luring creators? Buying exclusive rights? New tech or features that make it more appealing? .. or will they just be found wanting .. and continually ignored. A little different on the exit here.

So let me know what you guys think, and I'll catch you in the next video. See you soon friends.

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