Friday the 13th Game - How to Kill Jason

By: Achievement Hunter

Matt: What's up, guys? Matt and Trevor from Trevor: Heeey, Matt. Matt: We're doing a guide, Friday the 13th: The Game; we're gonna kill Jason. Trevor: Oh, really? Matt: Yeah, just kill him, just fuck 'im. We want him dead. Trevor: I see... Trevor: Nice. Matt: Y'know, we-- we want him dead. Matt: Alright, so you know Jason? Our friendly campground murderer, who... *both laugh* Trevor: Sorry, the scared animation is... Matt: It's great, it's great. Trevor: *laughs* Matt: First up you're gonna need to call the radio and call Tommy Jarvis Trevor: Oh, so THAT'S how you do it. Matt: Yeah, the-- the Jarv man. Trevor: I've let other people do that for me.

Matt: Yeah, I mean... just find it around there. It's pretty easy to see.

Trevor: Yeah Matt: There's normally an antenna on it, but yeah. Trevor: Outside? Yeah. But yeah, but it's not always there. it can be in any cabin anywhere in there Trevor: Sure. Matt: After you call him, Trevor: Oh, it looks like that! Sometimes. Matt: Yeah, exactly. Some- sometimes.

Matt: After you call him two of you need to die, and then he'll come in. Matt: He'll-- they have this cool little like, *husky voice* "Look at me, I'm Tommy Jarvis." Matt: "...Coming to save the day." Trevor: My name is... Tommy Moynihan. Matt: You know, that guy has a real voice and we did... not do it any justice... at all.

Friday the 13th Game - How to Kill Jason

*laughs* Trevor: Oh, well... Matt: He's a real character, from the movies. Trevor: What happens when you're screaming is you don't hear the voices Matt: Uh, that's fair. After you get Tommy Jarvis... Trevor: Oh, my God.

Trevor: Oh! Matt: ...knock Jason's mask off with with, like, a wrench or something like that Trevor: Okay Matt: You're gonna want to pick it up, though. Matt: You don't NEED it for this, but you do want to pick it up 'cause you'll get another achievement Trevor: It looks like your character's scared, you got to-- yeah, use your flashlight. Matt: He is a little scared.

Matt: But I got my goalie achievement for picking up Jason's mask. Matt: You don't need it to kill him, just... yeah, it-- Trevor: Hey! A guide in a guide.

Matt: I know! we're gonna have another achievement right here! Trevor: Oh, nice. Matt: You're also going to need one player to be a female, Trevor: Mhmm Matt: and then, uh, go out to Jason's shack, wherever he spawns in, and, uh, Matt: Find his mumsy-- Trevor: His beautiful mother. Matt: Yeah, yeah she's (unintelligble). And pick up her sweater. Trevor: Alright.

Matt: Uh, that character, whoever they are, they'll get an achievement for "nice threads," 'cause you get, uh... Trevor: They are some nice, choice threads. Matt: some brand new... Matt: I like her pants a lot more than the sweater.

*laughs* If I'm being completely honest. Trevor: Uh-- *both laugh* Trevor: Alright. Matt: But uh, anyway. Trevor: So now you can pretend to be his mother. Matt: Yeah... (unintelligible) ... with that. Trevor: Oh, Tommy needs the "ma-chet" (machete). Matt: Then Tommy needs the machete. Trevor: Okay. Matt: After that, you have the female character wearing the sweater pretend to be the mother..

Matt: Jason will freak out and be like, "What am I doing?" Club him. Trevor: Okay. Matt: The woman who has the sweater can do it as well. Trevor: Okay Matt: When he falls to his knees, Trevor: Oh! Matt: ...have Tommy just "A" on him, Matt: and you'll kill him, right-- like that. There's a sweet slow-mo animation where it's all golden and shit.

Trevor: "Take your machete back, you ugly bastard!" Matt: "Ahhh, catch!" Trevor: He's got a face only his... dead mother could love. Matt: That's a very good description of that face. Trevor: Yeah. Matt: It is disgusting. Trevor: Oh! So what happens when you kill him? Matt: He's dead! Trevor: Oh, it's just-- there's no animatic beyond that, Matt: You survived, Matt: That's it. It's just, "Good job, you win," and you get fifty Gamerscore.

Trevor: Wow! Matt: Yeah. Trevor: That's... not bad! Matt: It's a lot.

Matt: A lot on the hope that you'll randomly spawn as Tommy Jarvis after you call him in... *laughs* Trevor: Good luck doing that NOT intentionally. Matt: Yeah. Oh yeah, we faked that whole video. *both laugh* *music plays*.

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