Ghost Recon Wildlands II XP Glitch II Ressourchen Glitch (With English subtitles )

By: Jokernineeleven

Jo folks, what goes and welcome to a new video of Jokernineeleven This time a Ghost Recon Wildlands Glitch, the game is out today and this glitch is still out of the open beta And indeed an Xp and resources glitch because you can droop a transporter infinitely long. Well, he changes after every round (his content) But always appears in the same position, so I find that a horny glitch. You get so around the 250 XP points, but that goes actually I would now say I find this actually quite simple, what you need for it is at any rate only a grenade to a Sturmgewehr where it draufpasst and sets the difficulty to normal You die quickly, but not too fast that you can destroy the transporter. If the Transporter has already started (as can be seen in the videos here) shoots with the grenadexer 3x on it Then it is destroyed, the bar must be empty. At the second shot, the guys get out and the truck stops, now you can be killed. For that you first have to find one kills one Hmm yes the is perfect, or not. Ok you are dead, now you let yourself be resurrected by a comrade you have to wait until he does it.

Exactly, so you see the transporter is destroyed. It is actually impossible that you can still collect it and go and collect the resources, you have now 1250 of this resource. Now you take a grenade and throw you in front of you and die (for the second time). So you nestartet, you have done it does not take long and her spawnt in the same place again. So we are now in the same place and the truck is coming back from the same place again, that is, we are now waiting easy and destroy him for the second time. For that we just take a car and take it off, this time it is another car, I believe the wagon.

So all categories are times taken, from fuel to what I know food There is everything from the 4 categories and yes you can do as often as you want, but the only problem is you can not double the points of fatigue But have enough resources for later. So oh civilian killed, but that does not matter. So now you do the same again, let you kill and wait until you are resurrected and collect the resource. More needs to be said really do not make the leveln takes extremely long since I would rather make normal missions, but for the resources one can make it So now you go, collect the resource again and dies again in any case. Taada we got resources again 1250.

And we are dead again perfect We are back here and look now at the map and what is? The transporter is back I wish you a lot of fun, leave a like there and a subscription if you want to see more of my videos and see you in the next videos - skin pure chicks.

Ghost Recon Wildlands II XP Glitch II Ressourchen Glitch (With English subtitles )

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