Gặp gỡ chàng trai Cosplay Lina nổi tiếng cộng đồng Dota 2 thế giới


Hello everyone, I am Ngoc Linh from eSportViet.vn, today we will have a short interview with the man who just won the first prize in the Dota 2 Cosplay Competition held by Dota 2 Community VN. Hello. I’m from ESV, can you tell us a little about yourself? Hello everyone, my name is Tuan. People call me Tuan To Mo (Tuan Curious). Currently I’m a student at Foreign Trade University.

Aside from being a student, I’m also working part-time and I’m having a small start-up channel called “Tay May To Mo” (Tampering Curiously). Your name is kind of attached to the word curious. Why is that? Can you tell us the reason? That’s my nature, I’ve been like that since forever.

I always am curious and want to understand everything around me. As far as I know after the dota 2 cosplay competition you suddenly became famous and caught lots of attention from both Vietnamese community and worldwide. How do you feel about this sudden fame? About my feeling. To be honest when I decided to enter the competition I only thought of the prize.

But after I got the first prize, the fame, the happiness and all that are more than the prize. I got many friend requests and fan pages and some famous people shared my some post and my pictures, so I felt very happy and those were the most important things I got from this competition. I have watched your clip and to be honest I was very impressed by the way you present your cosplay. Can you tell us a little about how you got this idea and who helped you in preparing this cosplay? As I said earlier, we have a small start-up channel called “Tay May To Mo”.

Gặp gỡ chàng trai Cosplay Lina nổi tiếng cộng đồng Dota 2 thế giới

We do science experiment that is a little different, a little crazy and in the process of researching, finding some experiments to do and make videos, we found out the result of mixing Axe, insecticides and soap bubble. We made a video and posted it on our channel named “Tay May To Mo”. And then we received the news that Dota 2 Community VN are holding a Dota 2 cosplay competition and the idea of turning that experiment into a Arcana Lina cosplay immediately came to my mind. Wow. Very impressive.

In that cosplay competition there were many beautiful cosplays from female contesters. Which one do you like best? I have to say I like all of them equally because all the girls were very sexy. But to be honest I was very impressed by one guy who cosplayed as Crystal Maiden and he presented it very well. He used many self-made props and what impressed me the most was the appearance of a sex toy. It was a sex toy that he wore around his neck, I was astounded by that prop of his. Actually it wasn’t very spectacular but it was very impressive. When you decided to participate in this competition did you think you will win? Personally I think my idea was very good.

However I decided to participate very late into the competition when there are only a few days left because I was very busy at that time. And I didn’t think about the prize because I submitted my cosplay in the last day. I didn’t think there were that many people who supported me.

Frankly, I only thought of joining for fun. Because I just finished my exams and was on vacation and I wanted to do something to vent out my stress a little. After this cosplay you got quite famous, do you intent to continue doing something in the Dota 2 Community and what is your plan in the future? About my intention for Dota 2 Community. I got a lot from it, the prize, the love of people, so surely I will give something back. I will probably donate some prizes for a future cosplay competition. I’m not sure yet on whether I will continue to participate in cosplaying or not.

Next is a performance that is highly anticipated. Can you perform your cosplay again so all of us can admire it? I’d love to. However, I will only perform a very simple part of it because to be able to lit my head on fire I have to prepare many safety measures.

So I will only perform it on my hands. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and good luck to you in life as well as on your study.

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