How big is Lil's ego? A investigation | Dota 2


Lately we’ve been getting mail in which you’re — AHEM! Lately we’ve been getting mail in which you’re asking, “Just who is Lil?” One of the best supports in the world? Just a regular guy? Or does he have a big ego after all? I asked this question online, and this is what the poll results from our VK group say. 44% of fans think Lil has a big ego. 18% don’t even know who Lil is. So let’s look at this in greater detail.

Hi Ilya! I need to ask you a question! Who is this? No one can hide from my sight. No one can hide from my sight. Do you think Lil has a big ego? I think he does. Does Lil have a big ego? – What? – Does Lil have a big ego? No, of course not. Does Lil have a big ego? – Biggish, by about this much. Just a tiny bit? – Just a tiny bit.

What? No. Does Lil have a big ego? – No. How can he have a big ego if I don’t even know who this person is, right? As part of our journalistic investigation, we’re now stalking the General manager. I will uncover the truth.

Does Lil have a big ego? – [nod] – Thank you. Does Lil have a big ego? – Umm, yeah. Never seen him before. Does Lil have a big ego? – Sorry? – What can you tell about Lil? Who’s Lil? – VP.

How big is Lil's ego? A investigation | Dota 2

Lil. – Who is Lil? Excuse me, can I ask you something? Does Lil have a big ego? Yes.

– Why? I don’t particularly want to talk about him. – I get it. People just join the consensus without listening to Lil himself. He has that kind of personality. He’s outspoken online in order to draw aggro.

Perhaps he likes it. Does Lil have a big ego? – No. And Yan, do you think Lil has a big ego? – No. Alexey, tell me please, does Lil have a big ego? – No. In your opinion, does Lil have a big ego? – Frankly, I don’t give a damn.

Does Lil have a big ego? – What sort of a question is that? I’m signing here. Don’t disturb me. Do you have a big ego? – Like I said, you’re disturbing me! Roma, does Lil have a big ego? – …No. He just doesn’t, that’s all? – That’s right. Lil is the best.

Well, I think Ilya clearly has a sense of his own importance, since he knows well what to expect, what team he plays for, who his partners are. It’s not self-grandeur yet, but he’s taking giant leaps in this direction. If all goes well, his sense of self-importance will become a sense of self-grandeur. And why not? Does Lil have a big ego? – Kind of. – Not really, I don’t think. – Thank you.

Well, I don’t know, no. I can’t answer these kinds of questions, they’ve very complicated. That was a Lil-esque answer. I haven’t ever talked to him. Unfortunately I don’t know. I hope not. No, he’s a nice dude. I just know him better than the general internet does.

I talk to him; he’s a nice dude. Not really. He’s a nice guy, he just does it for laughs. Does Lil have a big ego? – Of course not.

– Why not? – Because I do. Turn around again, will you. There we go. Does Lil have a big ego? – No.

– Thank you. Go ahead! I have a big ego. By the way, I had a conversation with Lil today, one on one. I don’t think he has a big ego. He just doesn’t get his presentation on social networks quite right. I mean, he’s a perfectly normal guy, he’s into reading and personal growth, it’s just that his way of getting a point across is a little off. Lil is a god.

I pray to him. – He didn’t show up at the signing session. – Are you angry? He’s disrespectful – I mean dammit, his fans have come to him, I wanted an autograph, and he didn’t show up. He’s letting his fans down. This is wrong. – He says really smart things on Twitter. He’s sick, by the way, did you know that? We had to call a doctor to him yesterday. Well, dammit, either way, his fans are here… You can’t let your fans down like this.

So you’re saying, “To make me happy, he ought to have crawled here sick, on his knees, to give me an autograph.” Well no, not like that, but he could’ve come here anyway, and just give autographs to the first few people. And he hasn’t come. – If Lil doesn’t go to us, we go to him! To finally stop guessing, we decided to put the question to Lil directly. I wonder if he’s even home.

Good afternoon, Ilya Vasilyevich, we’re from the YouTube channel and we’d like to ask you a question… Not interested. Ilya, Ilya. With manners like that, you’ll never become great. That’s all.

Ilya? We just wanted to… – Who are you? I didn’t invite you. Screw off.

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