How to 300+ Damage Weapons in Skyrim - Daedric Weapons

By: XBeau Gaming

And welcome back, guys. I have another guide for you on how to make kick ass weapons to go with your kick ass armor. So remember in the last video, we went ahead and figured out a way to get our armor in a way that we can get the most improvement possible and get the most armor rating. Now we're trying to find the most damage possible, so I'm going to do 2 weapons. I'm going to do a Daedric Greatsword and a Daedric just Sword to compliment our stuff.

This character is set up for 2-handers, so the damage is going to look much higher for these Greatswords. But you get the gist. There�s no special things here. You just make the Greatsword, make a Sword. Whoop-de-do. Now what we need to do is we need to get our Blacksmithing clothes on. You remember our Blacksmithing clothes in the last one. It's the ones that do improved, so in this case it's improved by 23, 25, 25, and 20, giving us 93 improvement.

Not the best you can get. I can get another 8 points out of this, but quite honestly, eh, it's okay. All right, so that's the most I got. Now what we need is also one of these guys: The Blacksmith Elixir.

You can find these at any Alchemy shop, but you can't make them. You have to find them, but they're wicked cheap, so just get some of these. Okay, so now we have a couple of Ebony-- yeah, that's enough. We're going to pop this guy and get to improving. Okay, remember it was 85 to start.

How to 300+ Damage Weapons in Skyrim - Daedric Weapons

57, 123, 19, and 57. Ah, what the hell. While I'm here...oh, jeez, just for that? No, thanks. Okay, and that's it. That's how we do that part. So now, if we go ahead and look at these weapons...I can equip this and you only see 123, and I see 7. Again, this will change quite drastically once I go up and have this stuff enchanted.

The end game, of course: enchants. All of these right here to, like, this, right? So it boosts the Double Hand. And we're not even done that with yet. So let's go up to the Enchanting table, and we'll just continue from there. All right, guys, here we are back at the Enchanting table. What we're going to do is we want to make sure that 2-hander is as strong as possible. So before we get started, let's check and see what we got as far as items to get enchanted. Since I have 2 of these: I've got a Greatsword and a regular Sword, I want to see which I want to do. So what we want to do is put on this.

We want the most damage possible. We don't want to dink around with anything. Now, what I personally like to do is...yeah, I don't really count Magicka damage. I do Fire for most cases. I see it adds 43 points, which is pretty damn hefty.

Because I have boosts because I have about 86 in Enchanting, but I do not have the 2 enchants yet. So we're going to go ahead and do Fire on both 'cause what the hell? It's easy. So we both know what we need to do. Before we get started, it's always best to check to make sure you have enough items to do all the things you want. So in this case, we've got 3 Grand Souls and 2 of that-- 5.

Plenty. Plenty to do what we gotta do. The reason I say you need to check your stuff is because when we hit this Enchanter's Elixir, we've got 60 seconds to get everything done before we're toast, and we don't want to dink around. Weapons will take a little while because you've got to dink with the charge. With that, let's get this stuff all enchanted up. Okay, now while we're at it, let's also-- while we're doing this-- now we've got this right here. Boom. Where are you? Come on, baby. Bam. Yes.

Grand Soul. Freakin' hot! Enchant, yes, yes, bam! Okay, and now it glitches. Freakin' thing.

Let�s take a sec to look at our results of our stuff, and we will get back to you. All right, guys, so now we just completed doing our enchanting of the weapon, but the weapon's only half the journey. You need to have something to back it up, right? So even though we did that killer enchant, let's see what we get for the previous thing that I did, which was enchanting my armor so that way I could boost it. So in this case: 42, 42, 24, 24. That's a hell of a boost, and this is really the backbone that'll give your weapons the real strength and attack power that you're looking for.

So as you see, bam: 287. That�s because of the enchants that I did on the armor here with the 2-hander. The Sword is not that impressive because I don't have this character speced for sword, but even right now, to just let you guys know, I am not maxed out on 2-hander. I've only got 63 points in, and I still have another 20% boost to go. So, you know, the thing is, it's ridiculously strong.

Not also to mention: the Fire damage you got-- you've got 48 on top of that. So you've got 287 + 48 + the damage it hits afterwards. You could pretty much 2-shot or 3-shot a Dragon with this thing. So I hope this was another helpful video for you guys.

Let me know what you guys need or want to see in any other videos that I'll do in the comments below. And thanks again, guys, talk to you soon.

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