How-to: Beginners guide to Minecraft doors

By: Sun Fenix Gaming

Yellow like the sun, I'm Sun Fenix and today I am going to be doing the first How-to video for beginners on different ways to open doors and today I am going to be joined by Oscar who I went up the thousand steps with Hello.. "Me House" [laughs] there are a whole heap of different ways to open doors first, let's start with the simple button so it works with any wooden door but you can just start by opening it with a simple right-click yep - as Oscar's showing, you can't right-click an Iron door open or an Iron trap door but you can right-click a normal trap door and to prove that it works with any wooden door I will.. oh.. where's that? Oh - here we go... here's a different wooden door, there you go! to prove it works with any wooden door so..

umm.. he's got rid of the Iron door you have to use a button (or anything else I am going to be using today) on Iron doors OK.. so next we have pressure plates and Oscar's just putting down every door so..

here are all the different pressure plates there is a wooden pressure plate there is a weighted pressure plate HEAVY there is a weighted pressure plate LIGHT and there is a STONE pressure plate.. and so... you can walk onto it and you will be able to go inside pretty easy.. oops and so.. you can even place an item on it and it will open let me show you that one see and item goes on and it opens throw and item on it and it will open buuut.. with the stone one throw and item on it and it doesn't work! it only works if YOU walk onto it same with all the other ones, just these ones also work with items so.

next up.. if I just remove those next up - if I just remove those... is the LEVER so, they're basically like the button but... they stay open they don't just open and close they stay open and.. it's pretty confusing 'cause, if I just go through this door and then put one on the other side in here guys so I've opened the door from this side If I close the door - nothing will happen except for this one's going to move that's because, this one out here is still down and it's really confusing very confusing so you have to get rid of that and quickly get out don't worry guys there's an escape route just in case if this happens.. if I can get there!!! There we go! so.. that are the doors I hope you enjoyed this video beginners and I will say goodbye to you behind bars Sun Fenix signing out.

How-to: Beginners guide to Minecraft doors

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