How to find Ebony in Skyrim - Easy guide

By: XBeau Gaming

Hey, everybody! it's me and Lydia again, trying to show you a great little opportunity as to where to find all of the ebony or you'll need to make this piece. In my last video about the daedra hearts, I told you I would tell you where to find the ebony, but I failed to as I was on a roll, face rolling those daedras, as you remember. So let's look.

Where am I? Where am I? I am in the best place ever to get ebony. It's the Gloombound Mine next to the orc stronghold next to Narzulbur, and you can get there from Windhelm. And remember for all of you guys who maybe don't know, you start the game here, your first city is here at Whiterun.

The stables are here. If you take those stables, you can go to any major city. You take the stables to Windhelm, walk here, and badaboom badabing, you get in there. There's one quest you have to do to be able to actually tap into the orc strongholds, but it's sick easy. It's this one right here. It's a joke. So anyway, you get in here, you're cool, the orcs let you in, now you can go to the Gloombound Mine. Now, normally ,after level 25 or maybe 30, you can actually buy ebony ingots from blacksmiths, but we want to do this early.

I want you guys having daedra armor really, really early in the game. So this method will do it for sure. if you wanted to do this at level 4 or 5, you could do it. So here we are. Here�s the entrance. The entrance is if you were to go across the bridge over there..

How to find Ebony in Skyrim - Easy guide

right here. Oops, I don't want to fall off, don't want to fall of. Now, I already mined a bunch of this out, so take that with a grain of salt because I had to do 3 sets of ebony. But if you look down in here, you'll see that there are these. Oh, look at that! Go in there. I don't know who that unfortunate soul was, but he was somebody. You�ll sit here, get a little animation. it'll say, "Ebony ore added," in the top left.

And not only do you just get ebony ore, but you also get stuff like flawless gems that are very easy money, and you can do a lot of good stuff with that. And on top of that, don't discount the fact that there is these, like, these ore. The nice part about the iron ore is if you have an Alteration ability, you can actually transmute that into silver and then transmute the silver into gold.

Then after you smelt that gold, baby, it's bam, easy profit. Because you can then use that to make gold rings, make 2 for every one you go. And, yeah, it actually looks like these stuff repops.

So I was here maybe a month-ish ago in the game, probably more, and it looks like the veins maybe repopulated or refreshed. I don't know if that works, but I cleared this whole thing out top to bottom and now I'm seeing a decent amount of... yeah, a ton of ore. What the hell? So anyway, guys, remember where I'm at. If you are looking at the world map, you want to go to Windhelm, go southeast to Narzulbur. They'll give you a quest. The quest will say, "Hey, would you go in here and whoop some ass over here and make us feel better?" Okay, you whoop ass in there, and then you come back. You go to this Gloombound Mind, and you are solid. Totally set.

So with that, guys, I hope this was beneficial. You know, Mul gro-Largash, I wish that you would mind your own business. So I hope this is helpful for a lot of you guys. If you have any question, feel free to put them in the comments below, and I would be more than helpful- or welcome to help you guys out. And with that, you know, another wonderful video. And let me know what you guys think. If you guys want me to do any particular kind of videos or any kind of stuff, let me know in the comments because I do read all the comments and I respond, actually, to quite a few of them. I'm getting a lot of interesting comments from a lot of you Skyrim guys.

So thank you again for being a part. So like and subscribe this if you don't mind. It helps out quite a bit. So thank you, guys, and talk to you later.

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