How to get 100 Enchanting in Skyrim Easily under 2 hours

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Hey, everybody, this is Beau again, and we're going to do a little something cool today. We're going to show you how to get from 0 to 100 Enchanting really easy. Now, I'm only doing this so my character, skyrim is too easy, 'cause this is what we're getting started as. This character has never done anything in the whole game other than just come to Dawnstar, and that's it.

We did 100 Smithing in a previous video. Check it out. What we're going to do is, we're going to walk up here, and I'm going to show you where the Dawnstar chest is.

A lot of you guys may not want to use it, but if you're going to use it, here it is. I mean, it's in the game. [Someone] put it in there, so I call it fair game.

So over here by the mine, just to the left of these rocks... if you crouch, and then bam. There'll be a chest filled with items from the Khajiit travelling merchants that happened outside of town. Inside of this, since we're going for Enchanting, we want to take all the gems. But don't worry about taking anything that isn't enchanted or already has a soul in it because we're not going to be going out and running around, killing things. What we're going to do here is we're going to get out as many things as we can to convert to cash because there is a wizard in the Jarl's palace, like a court wizard, who does sell gems. Or, you know, soul gems with souls already in them.

How to get 100 Enchanting in Skyrim Easily under 2 hours

So the whole point is: we want to get all the items, all the magic out. You see me going through and picking out all of the magic items. We want all the magic items because we're going to disenchant those.

That�ll be our initial points that are really easy to get. And then after we've started, like accumulating enchants, we're going to actually have to start enchanting items. So what we're trying to shoot for is enchanting items that we can either sell to the merchants in basically any armor or weapons we can sell to the blacksmith using the same technique of going in there, enchant it.

Whatever we have. Go to the blacksmith, sell the enchanted items until he runs out of money, then quick save. Kill the merchant. Reload and then keep selling until you have money because the merchant repops with new inventory, which means another thousand gold or more for you to play with and get. So now we're in the Jarl's. We go to the Enchanting table. At the Enchanting table, there is really not a quick way of doing this like you could with Smithing, where you could just, like, click together. You have to do a lot of selecting, and that's the only one part about this. So early on, don't waste any of your points at all.

Just disenchant items from that chest. If you disenchant the items from the Dawnstar chest, you will have a ton, ton, ton, ton, ton of enchants you'll be able to use. Not to mention, you see that in, like, two seconds, our Enchanting's already gone up. So now we're kicking it in overdrive. This is me doing this, not obviously in real-time, but over the course of probably two hours or so.

Just abut that. Now, what you're not seeing is me going out to get extra items from the Dawnstar chest to sell and then trying to get more and more gems from the court wizard next to us. The point of this thing, guys, is when you run out of items to enchant, sell them to the vendors in town. When the vendors run out of money because you pretty much bought it all, you then convert that-- you just do the same vendor trick. Quick save, kill vendor, reload, and then the vendor has more money. That's all you've got to keep doing. If you do that, you're fine. Now, I would suggest if you are trying to work on your Smithing currently to go make a ton of hide bracers.

That's what I did toward the end. The reason you want to go with bracers is because you don�t have to keep selecting intensity, like you do with weapons. Because with weapons, you have to select how big a charge you want on it. For our purposes, we don't care. All we want is to enchant to give Enchant a boost. So make a whole ton of hide bracers, and it'll help boost your Smithing too, which doesn't hurt. As you can see, we're at 90% already. It starts to slow down pretty good around 90%, 94%.

This is the opportunity you have to just crack it out, get it done. It'll be really fast. And as you see, I've done nothing except for just go back to the Dawnstar chest, get items, come back and bam, there's 100. Now, obviously, it wasn't that fast... and since we not have 100, it's pretty easy to go through and start putting enchants actually on our real gear. So this is just the gear I had at the moment. It's nothing special. It's nothing great, but it really does make quite a big difference when you're trying to go through and just get some enchants on basic gear. As we're going to go back in the next video, I'm going to show you how to get 100 Alchemy.

That�s when we're really going to do big enchants because that's when we're going to have-- normally, you go and pop an Enchanting Potion or a Philter to boost your Enchanting. Well, that's great. The best you can get is 25 in stores, but I can show you how to do +42.

And then the best you can do for Smithing is, like, +50%. I can do +168% with my level 100. So I hope this was helpful to you guys. Like, comment, subscribe, and let me know what you thought. But I guarantee you guys, you follow this guide, you'll have 100 Enchanting easily under 2 hours.

The best part is: you'll come out with a ton of gold. We�re talking lots of gold! So, again, thank you guys so much for your contribution and help. Like, comment, subscribe.

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