How to install minecraft forge 1.12

By: Cubi Craft - Minecraft

Hello and welcome! My name is Jay. Today we will have a look at how to install Minecraft Forge 1.12, how to install mods after installing forge, and what you have to pay attention to so your game doesnt crash because of collisions between mods. Lets get right into it.

As usual, I will start this tutorial with the most important thing for your Minecraft experience. Having your Java and Java runtime environment (JRE) up to date. I will link all websites used in the description below my video.

First, well go to and update our Java platform by clicking downloads in the top menu and then clicking the red button on the next page to accept the license agreement and start the update.

Then we will move to the Oracle website thick the circle to accept the license agreement and download the JRE that matches your system. This comes in a .zip file so youll need a program like WinZip, WinRAR or 7zip to unzip it before you can install it.

We will then make a backup of our Minecraft folder by opening our documents and typing %appdata% at the top. Right-click the .minecraft folder and select copy then right click your desktop and select paste. Now you have a backup on your desktop in case something goes wrong

We will then open our Minecraft launcher to make sure we started up Minecraft 1.12 as this is what we will be using in this tutorial. And you cant install Minecraft forge 1.12 if Minecraft 1.12 has not been used yet.

So start up the launcher, go to launch options and click add new and then find Minecraft 1.12 in the list. Select it and click save, then go to the homepage in the launcher and select Minecraft 1.12 in the drop-down menu. Load it up and wait for the main menu to appear. Once you have the main menu on screen, you can close Minecraft We will then go to the Minecraft Forge website and download the latest version by clicking your operation system icon in the latest version section at the top of the page. You will be redirected to an add-page. Wait until the timer in the top right runs out and click skip add. Your download will start instantly.

With the download finished, navigate to the folder you download the forge file in to and double-click the file. Thick the install client circle. Now, Mercurius gathers information on how you use the program and your system so unthick that if you dont want them to do so I personally always unthick it as it just takes our more of your performance as well with that running in the background so yeah, decide for yourself what you want with that and then hit ok to install forge.

Now open the Minecraft game launcher once again and navigate to the launcher option, click add new and find the Forge 1.12. Select it and save again go to the homepage and select forge 1.12 from the drop-down menu. And then load it up to see if it works.

Now with forge installed, you can install mods in Minecraft. To do so, you basically want to open your documents and type again %appdata% at the top open the .minecraft folder and then you should have a folder in there called mods. If that folder is not in there, you can right-click in the white area of your documents. Then selecting new and then folder And just name the folder mods. No capital letters, only small letters.

And now you are completely set up to start using mods. But be careful. Only use mods that are compatible with the Forge 1.12 you just installed or youll have a big chance your Minecraft will crash!

If you want to use mods that are for other versions you will have to do this tutorial again and then install the correct version of forge. The version that matches the addon/mod you want to install. And with that, we are at the end of this tutorial If it helped you or if you liked it, hit that like button down there and share it with your friends Subscribe to the channel for more tutorials like this one.

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