How to Install SKSE 64 in Skyrim Special Edition v1.5.3+ | 2017 Guide

By: PurpleDerple
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What’s up, everyone! You saw the title, so let’s dive right into how to install SKSE 64 for Skyrim Special Edition. First thing you need to do is head on over to the SKSE web page at, and grab the right SKSE file. We want the 64-bit version, not the old 32-bit version. This is probably where 90% of users who have problems with installing this make a mistake – they simply grab the wrong file. Just right-click and save the file somewhere convenient. Once it’s done downloading, you’ll need to extract the SKSE files from the archive using 7Zip or similar. If you’re having difficulty extracting the files, head on over to the 7zip web site at, download the 64-bit installer for 7zip , and use that to extract the files.

It’s what I’ve used since I was still a little milk drinker, and it’s never let me down. Open up the SKSE64 folder that was extracted, and move everything except the “src” folder into your Skyrim Special Edition directory. Mine is installed on a secondary hard drive, so yours will most likely be somewhere else. By default, it will be on your C:\ drive here.

If you get a prompt to overwrite anything, just go ahead and allow it. Once copied over, you’re done installing. The only thing you need to do differently now is to use the SKSE_Loader rather than the normal SkyrimSELauncher when launching the game. If you want some convenience, you can right-click the SKSE_Loader and create a shortcut to it on your desktop or pin it to your start menu or taskbar.

If you want to use the Skyrim SE icon on it, just right-click on your new shortcut, go to properties, and click on the “Change Icon” button. Click on the “Browse” button, look for the SkyrimSE or SkyrimSELauncher executables, pick one, then click on “Open.” The icon should already be selected, so just click on the “OK” buttons to finish up. Your icon should now be different. For Mod Organizer users, be sure to add the SKSE_Loader as an application, and use that when launching the game; otherwise, you won’t be able to load SKSE when launching the game.

How to Install SKSE 64 in Skyrim Special Edition v1.5.3+ | 2017 Guide

That’s it. You should now be able to run mods that require SKSE with Skyrim Special Edition. If you’re still having trouble, be sure to double check that you grabbed the right file from the SKSE website, that you installed it properly, and that you’re using the SKSE_Loader to start the game. Failing all that or if you just need help with installing other mods for Skyrim Special Edition, let me know in the comments below. Anyway, I hope this video helped. I’m PurpleDerple, and I’ll see you later! Peace.

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