How To Make Custom Minecraft Skins Using Skindex

By: TeraBrite Games

- Welcome back, Brites! I'm Sabrina Brite. - And I'm Sabrina. - DJ Monopoli or you can call him DJ Brite. And today on - [Both] Terabrite Games - We're going to be changing our skin for Minecraft.

- As suggested by Giovanni's Cool Gaming who said, "Change your skin in," which, by the way, don't do that. is a trap. - It's a trap. - But, if you Google skindex, you will see the actual website that comes up and someone else said, "You could change your skin in skindex so you don't have to have the default skin," That's Steve, "There's girls, boys, creepers, lots of skins you can get." We Googled, we found it. It's actually

It's not - But it says The Skindex Beta at the top. - Yeah, so it is called The Skindex, but it's

And we found all these skins we could pick from and we also found an editor where we can create our own. - So we're going to be doing that. - That's what we're gonna do. - Don't forget to - [Both] Special like button with your head! - [Sabrina] Okay, so here we are on This is something DJ made. He was, uh, I guess kinda just learning what this is. - [DJ Monopoli] You started it - [Sabrina] I kinda started it by just putting the skin color on and I did some of the hair, but I was just trying to figure this out and it's fairly easy. You've got this up here which just draws the color you have selected.

How To Make Custom Minecraft Skins Using Skindex

You got undo buttons which takes one square away at a time so if you will need to undo, it's gonna take a while. This, right here, kind of ... I really don't understand it, but it does what this hair looks like. It kinda just like starts doing like kind of colors around that color to give it more dimension, I guess. So, instead of just a straight like solid color like this one does.

- [DJ Monopoli] Yeah, she used that on the hair. - [Sabrina] And then you can download it when you're done or you can upload one you've already downloaded. - [DJ Monopoli] Or you can upload it to their site right there. - [Sabrina] Yeah! They have tons to choose from, but we're gonna be trying to make our own today, so this should be interesting.

I'm not, I'm not an artist. This up here is a pin drop tool so you can just, kind of ... I don't even understand it. There we go.

You can kinda pin drop the color if you need to. - [DJ Monopoli] Right after you pin drop it-- - [Sabrina] It goes right to the pencil - [DJ Monopoli] Yeah, switches to the pencil so you can start drawing immediately. - [Sabrina] Makes it pretty easy and then you've got the eraser tool which will actually just erase all the way through. I was really confused at first.

I was like, "Why is it gray?" but I realized it's kinda gray when you first get it see through. It's just the background. And then this is kind of if you want to lighten or darken the selected color, the currently selected color, so we've got, right now, black or we can kind of take away a bunch and now it's, like, gray, you know? It's good for making gradients.

I guess that's how DJ made this gradient right here. He kind of just used this tool to make it lighter and lighter shades of that color until it looked cool. And then over here you've got Alex and Steve, so, obviously Steve is wider. Looks more manly. Alex is probably mostly used for girls, so we're gonna go with Alex today because, you know, I'm making my own skin thing right now so I wanna make it for me. - [DJ Monopoli] And then you can turn body parts off and on that way you can get into little corners.

- [Sabrina] Yep, and see inside (laughs). - [DJ Monopoli] And then you could do an overlay and I think that gives it some dimension cause it kinda has a layer - [Sabrina] We don't above the skin. - [Sabrina] know what the, we haven't really messed with this yet, but I've seen it on another one and when you turn it on and off it kinda like, it adds a layer in front of it and it looks, it just makes it look like more three dimensional. - [DJ Monopoli] And the only thing I'm confused about is the mirror thing. What's mirror off? I'm not really sure what that is. - [Sabrina] I don't know. - [DJ Monopoli] I'm not sure what it does. - [Sabrina] Well, we don't know what that does. And then, obviously, there's a paint bucket right here and you can just do the whole thing, but-- - [DJ Monopoli] The whole plane.

- [Sabrina] I've already downloaded this so don't worry. I'm not messing up his masterpiece. We're gonna push reset skin. Okay, proceed.

Woah. So this is what it looks like when you enter for the first time. It's, there's a bunch of squares you can-- - [DJ Monopoli] But before you turn it too much, mark the face so we know we're editing the front cause that would suck if we finished it - [Sabrina] That's the front. - [DJ Monopoli] and it's like the back of the face. - [Sabrina] So that's the front.

I want to turn overlay off. Why is it already on? That's, like, so weird. All right, you know what? Let's just make the eyeballs first. What color should I have my eyeballs? Should I just make them close to my real color? - [DJ Monopoli] Well, paint your face the right color first because that way-- - [Sabrina] No, because, I can pin drop it later. I was gonna say, how will I know the exact color? All right then.

I feel like that's a good skin color. Um, let's just do this. Let's just do like a kind of light brown eyeball, right. Cause that's, you know, I kinda, I don't have dark, dark brown eyeballs, but I wish my eyeballs were like hazel, like a lighter brown, you know? So, you know, that's what I'm gonna do, but I don't know what, like, boxes to do the ... How do I do this? Oh, this is gonna be creepy. - [DJ Monopoli] Yeah.

- [Sabrina] Um, does it go like this? - [DJ Monopoli] Yeah. - [Sabrina] On the out part? Outer part and then-- - [DJ Monopoli] Black on the top. - [Sabrina] We'll do some black up here. Look! Look at that! - [DJ Monopoli] There you go! - [Sabrina] I got a freaking eye ..

Oh, I wish I could do, like a winged eyeliner look. (chuckles) What are you looking at? - [DJ Monopoli] I'd go a little darker with the brown. - [Sabrina] Okay, fine.

Poop colored. Like that? - [DJ Monopoli] Yeah. Looks just like you. - [Sabrina] (laughs) Okay. From here, I think I'm just gonna fill in the rest of the body color because I just want to get that over with, so let's go ahead and pin drop this color. Why does it do that? I said pin drop this color. Why isn't it doing it? - [DJ Monopoli] What? It is. - [Sabrina] There it goes.

We're just gonna fill everything in. All the outside parts. All the inside parts. Let's take off the head (chuckles). Take off the torso. We're gonna be very thorough with the skin.

Cool. - [DJ Monopoli] Make sure you get between the legs. - [Sabrina] Oh, okay DJ. We'll go there (chuckles). - [DJ Monopoli] Did you get the other leg? - [Sabrina] Yeah.

I did. Woah, what's going on here? I think we are pretty good. - [DJ Monopoli] What about the torso? Did you the thing in the torso? - [Sabrina] I think so. Oh, bit worry there.

(chuckles) Worry? I don't know what I'm saying. - [DJ Monopoli] Arms, just take the arms off. - [Sabrina] Oh, oh. I thought something was weird. - [DJ Monopoli] There you go.

- [Sabrina] I think we got everything now, so let's go ahead-- - [DJ Monopoli] Go ahead as she turns the head on. - [Sabrina] We're naked now. Oh goodness. - [DJ Monopoli] And you don't have a mouth. - [Sabrina] I know! All right, so-- - [DJ Monopoli] I find most of them don't have mouths. - [Sabrina] Yeah.

So the next part is going to be the shirt. What kind of shirt should I wear? Should I wear, like, a little belly shirt? - [DJ Monopoli] I don't know. - [Sabrina] Or, I love wearing black, so I'm gonna go with black. Let's do, like, I want to be able to line this up. I'm gonna take an arm off so I can actually know where the torso begins.

Oh, I don't want that, okay. I want this one. So, we're gonna do like a kind of a spaghetti strap thing that DJ had going cause that a really good idea. That's definitely - [DJ Monopoli] Thank you. - [Sabrina] what I would do. You're welcome, but your spaghetti straps were too long, but I want to try to make my v-neck. - [DJ Monopoli] Are you two wide on this side and one wide on that side? I think you might be. - [Sabrina] This is weird looking isn't it? I can't really do v-neck and that's very sa ..

Oh, yes I can. I can just do diagonal like that you know? I'm trying here. I am legitimately trying. And we're just gonna kinda of do a little belly shirt, so we're gonna keep it ... We're gonna do a little bit longer. Nah, maybe even longer. I'm gonna have just a little bit of belly between the pants-- - [DJ Monopoli] Are you gonna show a belly button? - [Sabrina] Um, I don't know and I always wear jeans, so we're gonna go with pretty colored ... I don't know, what color ..

Where's denim? Is that a good color? - [DJ Monopoli] The little dot on your face looks like you're going like this. - [Sabrina] (laughs). This is where my jeans start.

I think I'm only gonna wear shorts, jean shorts. Wait, let's do one leg at a time so I can see. - [DJ Monopoli] That's how you gotta put your pants on. One leg at a time (chuckles). - [Sabrina] Kinda just looks like a skirt right now.

- [DJ Monopoli] Well, I mean, you gotta realize in the Minecraft world when they walk your legs separate. They don't, you're not like a stick. - [Sabrina] (chuckles) I'm naked on the back. - [DJ Monopoli] You're just wearing a cloth on the front. - [Sabrina] All right, this is harder than it looks, okay! This is a lot of work.

Wait. - [DJ Monopoli] I mean, you can fill ... You can do like that. - [Sabrina] It has sleeves now.

- [DJ Monopoli] But when your arm goes out of the way it's not gonna be skin there. You see what I'm saying? - [Sabrina] Huh? - [DJ Monopoli] You gotta picture his arms moving as he walks. She.

- [Sabrina] So it has to be an armpit? - [DJ Monopoli] No, there has to be filled in. That's not your arm. - [Sabrina] Oh yeah. - [DJ Monopoli] (laughs). - [Sabrina] Oh, I'm dumb. Will we have normal sleeves? So, I'm gonna finish filling this in. All right. So - [DJ Monopoli] Now - [Sabrina] There really - [DJ Monopoli] As far as - [Sabrina] shouldn't be - [DJ Monopoli] filled in.

- [Sabrina] Yeah. - [DJ Monopoli] Doesn't need to be filled in there. You might just need like a (Sabrina sighs) - [Sabrina] This isn't ... Oh, it worked! Okay. Cause this is my neck. So, it's gonna be necky. There we go! Ooh, I'm bald.

(laughing) I look like a quarterback. - [DJ Monopoli] More like a nickelback. - [Sabrina] Wow! - [DJ Monopoli] I don't know. - [Sabrina] All right, we're gonna do black shoes.

We're keeping it simple. Very cute black shoes here. Let's do, like, let's do this kind of deal. I wanted to have shadows and stuff. Sometimes the undo doesn't work unless you click it a lot.

Welp, it's just not working. Cool. Oh, there it goes. All right, let's put these shoes on. It's got some simple flats. Oh no, look. - [DJ Monopoli] What the monk? - [Sabrina] This is a messy situation. Hmm. - [DJ Monopoli] It's good.

- [Sabrina] It's looking good. It's looking good. We need some hair now, though, and the mouth is a little weird, but we'll leave it there for now. - [DJ Monopoli] Did you want to add some white? - [Sabrina] I kinda just want the mouth to be like a pink color.

This stuff is so glitchy right now. There we go. (chuckles) I have pink lipstick. It's so pretty. Ooh, you're adding some rippies. That's so cool! That's actually the trend right now for it to kinda like come out from underneath a little bit, but not all the way. You know what I'm saying? - [DJ Monopoli] Yeah, that's what I'm going for.

Should it come out the side a little bit? - [Sabrina] No, it needs to come off the butt too. Yeah, just a little. Oh no! - [DJ Monopoli] You monkey! - [Sabrina] It's hard to control. We'll do, we'll do it like this. Yeah! - [DJ Monopoli] (chuckles). - [Sabrina] We got some tears in the-- - [DJ Monopoli] Do the side ones look weird? - [Sabrina] A little bit. - [DJ Monopoli] Get rid of the side ones. I don't like them anymore.

- [Sabrina] Now I have to sit here and try to select this color. It worked, okay. I feel like I need, like, one. Maybe not. - [DJ Monopoli] Oh, you're right.

It needs one. - [Sabrina] (sighs) So much work just to do the clothes (laughs). So now we're gonna go ahead and see what we can do with the hair. And we're gonna write T B. That's not gonna work.

Um, that's not gonna work either. - [DJ Monopoli] Wait, no, no, I got it. I think we're better sacrificing the tummy a little bit than we are the neck. - [Sabrina] Yes, yes, I agree. - [DJ Monopoli] Yeah, you know what I'm doing. - [Sabrina] Now hopefully I don't mess anything up here. This is like actually so tedious. - [DJ Monopoli] (chuckles) - [Sabrina] All right, so we've got just a little strip of belly and that's actually how I wanted it and now we're gonna do ..

Can I just do it in like a cooler color? - [DJ Monopoli] You can do whatever color you want, yeah. - [Sabrina] Let's just color it ... Let's do the same color as my lips. It's gonna be so girly. Yay! Terabrites! - [DJ Monopoli] Terabrite Games! - [Sabrina] (chuckles) Awesome. All right, let's just work on the hair a little bit.

What should my hair color be cause it's always changing. Right now it's blonde, but, you know, it's probably gonna be orange soon. It's been blue, purple. I don't know. What do you think? - [DJ Monopoli] I mean, it looks like you're going for a pink style, but I don't really know-- - [Sabrina] Purple, purple matches. It'll be purple and pink, then I guess. - [DJ Monopoli] Purple, purple is your thing.

- [Sabrina] You know? Ooh. - [DJ Monopoli] Are you gonna do the gradient thing like I was doing? - [Sabrina] I don't know how. We'll fill it in. - [DJ Monopoli] Woah. - [Sabrina] What? - [DJ Monopoli] You're filling in the whole thing? - [Sabrina] I don't know.

Just so we can get a visual. We can go over it. Wait, what do you mean? This is my head.

It has to have hair. - [DJ Monopoli] All right. - [Sabrina] Now what? It's gotta be long, though. Should I do, like, how do I do this? - [DJ Monopoli] Is that how you want your hair to be? Just like that? - [Sabrina] No, I want my hair to go down longer. - [DJ Monopoli] Well, choose how you want it to go. Keep drawing it. - [Sabrina] I'm not really quite sure how. I wanna like go over my eye.

It's supposed to like-- - [DJ Monopoli] Wait, wait, wait. Don't go over your ... Go over your eye with the overlay. - [Sabrina] Oh, okay. Does it have like a side bang? It looks weird.

It has to have, like, a gradient, though. Not really quite sure how this is supposed to be. I've never really seen (chuckles).

My hair usually kinda falls over my side, but I don't know how to make it look natural. Trying to make it like, I can't. I guess that kinda looks like hair. - [DJ Monopoli] Your hair looks like it's melting over your body. - [Sabrina] That's what hair looks like.

- [DJ Monopoli] I think most people, yeah, they have like a very, kinda symmetrical look to them. I mean, I guess you can do whatever you want, but-- - [Sabrina] I'm trying. Does it look symmetrical? I think it's symmetrical. This looks very punk rock. There. What about this? Like that? Cool. - [DJ Monopoli] Kinda looks good like that.

- [Sabrina] Yeah? - [DJ Monopoli] But, let's try the gradient. So, because the pin dropper isn't working. This is gonna be difficult. - [Sabrina] Oh no.

- [DJ Monopoli] But-- - [Sabrina] Can we download this in case we mess up? - [DJ Monopoli] Yeah. So there's one. - [Sabrina] This whole side's darker usually and then it gets lighter. - [DJ Monopoli] Two. Three. - [Sabrina] Oh! - [DJ Monopoli] Four. - [Sabrina] So this is how you create a gradient the hard way. So now you can start on eight, seven, six, five, like go down one. - [DJ Monopoli] But I'm gonna make it different so it's not the same exact gradient so I'm gonna do one more there.

- [Sabrina] Okay. Interesting. - [DJ Monopoli] Is it working? - [Sabrina] You're going lighter, though. - [DJ Monopoli] Oh, I just changed colors. - [Sabrina] Yeah, what the heck? Wow, this is very cool! - [DJ Monopoli] Is that weird? - [Sabrina] I think it's cool.

- [DJ Monopoli] I'm gonna go over it. - [Sabrina] Here. - [DJ Monopoli] I wanted to go over it. - [Sabrina] I think it looks cool. I like this. - [DJ Monopoli] You do? Okay. - [Sabrina] I feel like there needs to be a shadow under here for that jawline (chuckles). - [DJ Monopoli] You need to put shadows in your artwork.

It looks pretty good. Pretty close. - [Sabrina] (chuckles). - [DJ Monopoli] That way your lips are plump. - [Sabrina] (chuckles). Oh yeah. Floppy shoe things.

- [DJ Monopoli] Yeah. - [Sabrina] Cool. - [DJ Monopoli] Maybe even the TV. Maybe closer? - [Sabrina] Should I put a necklace or, I mean, a bracelet on? - [DJ Monopoli] Yeah. - [Sabrina] There we go! So-- - [DJ Monopoli] You look pretty good.

- [Sabrina] I think that looks pretty frigging awesome. So now let's figure out how to get it into the Minecraft game play! - [DJ Monopoli] Yeah, let's check it out, baby. - [Sabrina] Download it to our computer. To apply the skin, you're going to have to log into your Minecraft-- - [DJ Monopoli] Dot net. - [Sabrina] Yeah, online and then go to your profile, choose player model. I'm gonna do slim Alex and then I'm gonna select the file, so (mumbles) and select it. Okay, so I selected the skin we just made. We're gonna upload it.

Your skin has been changed! It'll take a couple seconds for it to update. - [DJ Monopoli] A couple seconds? - [Sabrina] Oh my gosh! - [DJ Monopoli] We can't wait that long. - [Sabrina] This is amazing! All right, so can I like go to Minecraft and see it or what? What do I do? All right, so we've entered Minecraft. We're gonna go into the Brite world.

Oh my gosh, I hope it worked. - [DJ Monopoli] Dude! - [Sabrina] Okay, and now we're gonna look at ourself. - [DJ Monopoli] Did it work? - [Both] It worked! - [Sabrina] But you can't see me cause I'm wearing armor. - [DJ Monopoli] Your lips are popping out. You got plump lips! (Sabrina yelling) What are you doing? - [Sabrina] I don't know. It's hard to control. It's like awkward. (DJ Monopoli chuckles) Oh my gosh! DJ lips are plump. Your lips, your lips are plump.

- [Sabrina] I'm awesome. Look at me! (cheers). - [DJ Monopoli] Take off your armor for a second. - [Sabrina] ♫ Do a little dance ♫ - [DJ Monopoli] Take off your armor.

- [Sabrina] I'm sorry, I just got excited. - [DJ Monopoli] You gotta see the full, uh-- - [Sabrina] Right, can I like shift click? Yes, I can. Oh, look! There I am! Dude, I'm awesome! I'm awesome! - [DJ Monopoli] Go back to the game! Into the game! - [Sabrina] Rock and roll! Terabrite! Dude! All right, well, thank you for suggesting that I change my skin cause I do not regret it. This is awesome and I'm glad that we did this.

The only problem is, right there, my hair kinda doesn't go over the shirt, but I guess it looks fine. It's like a spaghetti strap almost, but, uh, high five! We figured it out! It's not too hard. It's just really tedious when you're making it, but if you enjoyed this video, don't forget to - [Both] Special like button with your head! - [Sabrina] That was scary (laughs). And if you have any suggestions for other things that we, you would want us to do, let us know in the comments. We love trying out your new suggestions. - [DJ Monopoli] I don't know if you noticed, but the last two videos, we tried out suggestions, so I really recommend you leave some comments down there.

- [Sabrina] Yep. So that's all we got for you today. Thanks for watching. We'll see ya next time. Bye! (upbeat music).

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